Question for Craig (Lately I have been nonchalant about everything. I am not sure why?)

Lately I have been feeling very nonchalant about just about everything. I am not sure why. Even when it comes to music, which is my passion. I usually love making music, working with other artists, producing, and listening to music. It is usually a high for me, but not now. I am just wondering what’s up?

Craig: I know exactly what you are going through. I have had this experience. I felt like, “why be excited about making money? I’ll just spend it and then have to make more. Why waste time in a relationship? They come and they go. They start out good then they change, then you find another and it starts out good.” I felt like “if my ventures go good,ok so now what? There has to be more.”

You are experiencing what is known on the spiritual path as variag, the negative tendency. When this occurs, the same things that normally make you happy, no longer enthuse you. Believe it or not. this is a good thing. It is the reminder or realization that enjoying the situations in life for their own sake is not enough. What counts, is their relation in your life to your growth towards your oneness with the Universe, everyone and everything. You can even understand it intellectually, but during a bought of variag, intellectually getting it is not enough. You must feel it in your soul.

How do you get back, or better yet move forward enthused and alive? Dive into the spiritual. Meditate more, and deeply. Change your focus to the magic and harmony behind things. When you can see this, you will see the Universe, and be magically alive. So flood your mind with the spiritual. Watch movies on it. Listen to material on incredible possibilities. Talk about it. Make it your world. Once again, also take time to go within and connect with the positive vitality, the sound and light within. Do these things, and you will be more alive than you can imagine.

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