The Greatest Meditation Masters Are Barely Here (Today’s Poetry)

The greatest meditation masters are barely here.

Being barely here, there is no time for the dumb stuff.

Focusing on dumb stuff is the cause of great misery

Who wants to multiply what they don’t like?

I swear that those great ones are almost not here.

Being half way gone, they hear the great music.

The great music is a melody playing

that you can’t hear when your mind is running.

You know those great ones barely touch the earth.

And when they do it’s just for a second.

Who has time for cares and worries

when there’s a yoga breath above all of this?

It seems these great giants get so much done.

They allow things to happen and get out the way.

So much can happen when your mind is on Heaven.

They get their instructions and move right away!

Craig H Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Poetry (This yoga I practice makes life so easy!)

Most Beautiful Lotus Flowers Wallpapers

I awakened this morning and could barely take it

Worried about my loved ones, How could I go on?

I decided to chant my mantra and talk to God

I literally did this with each and every breath

Within a short while I began to feel peace

It came so quickly I could not believe it

It was as though I entered a whole new world

I dare not stop my yoga practice

I kept repeating surprised, I felt no more pain

“What if I did this all day long?

Will you protect my loved ones and transform my world?”

I opened up a book for guidance

“I Dare You To Try It!” is what the page read

I rise to the challenge and now I float on!

This yoga I practice makes life so easy!

But how can you believe what you do not try?


Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog





Today’s Positive Poetry (Change)

What do we do when we want our lives to change?
What do we do when we want our circumstances to be different?
Be different
What do we do when we want people in our lives to behave in a new way?
Behave in a new way
What do we do when we want our lives to be more exciting?
Be more exciting
How do we do these things for a whole new life on a whole new level?
Look for the good everywhere and step up our meditations

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Guru Is Govinda,


ecause God is omnipresent, everything that shows up in our life is a way the eternal has shown up in our worlds to give us whatever it is we are to get out of the situation. The same is true of the mystical teacher except his or her sole purpose in our life is to be the instructor on the inner path. In other words the guru is the way God has chosen to manifest in your world to help you realize that you are one with God. This is also a reminder that the teachings of the guru are the words of God.

By Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Message (Wow We Really Are At The Beginning!)

In this new video I briefly explore a metaphysical concept. It doesn’t matter what has taken place in our lives we can literally begin to live out our book, our movie, our adventure,right here right now.  I hope you enjoy it.


Today’s Positive Reminder (You can never get spiritual by denying yourself the things of this world.)


any times people think that in order to be spiritual they have to deny themselves of certain things that they are wanting in life.  Many times we find ourselves trying to run away from the world and avoid the things that we secretly desire.  When I met my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, I was only 21 years old.  One of the things he stressed was not to deny myself the things I was thinking about, and not to deny myself of my desires.  That set pretty well with me because I had many desires.  He explained, how we could not rush our way into spirituality.  It’s a long, long road to home, and it won’t help to rush our way there, by trying to hold back so to speak.  He also said even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it.  Just make sure you keep up your meditations.  I understood this because I knew as long as I kept up my meditations I would still be growing and my desires would be changing on a count of my focus.  I had already begun to have that experience.  So I knew that was true.  He would also tell me this story to keep this in mind at times when I might be starting to deny myself of certain desires.

Story about the monk


here were two monks out begging for food for the monastery.  One day one of the young monks said to the other monk, “Why are we out here begging for food for these old guys?  If I’m going to beg for anything, I’m going to beg for myself.”  The other monk said, “No, we have to do this.”  The first said, “No, no!  I’m going to go on my own.”  The young monk left the monastery.  When he left the monastery and went out on his own, the first person he met was a prostitute.  She was beautiful and he liked what he saw.  When he met her, he told her “Teach me the ways of the world.”  She looked at him with his shabby clothes and his long beard, and replied, “All my guys wear English cut suits.  Get away from here.  Go on.”  He respectfully nodded his head and went on about his business.  Later when he came back, he was so sharp she didn’t even recognize him.  He asked her again, “Teach me the ways of the world?”  This time she agreed.  Over the next several weeks she taught him how to gamble, how to play pool, all the ways of the world; all the exciting things he had been thinking about.  Throughout that process they ended up falling in love.  They got married.  He eventually got his fill of the world.  He had gotten his chance to get out and do all the things he had been thinking about.  At this point he goes back to the monastery.  When he goes back, he’s ready for that life, because he had experienced all the things of the world.  He experienced all those things that were in his head, haunting him.  He actually had to get away intially.


That’s how it is with us.  If we have any desires that we are secretly harboring, and we’re not living then out, the feeling will intensify. We don’t have to be wild about it, but we must fulfill our needs.  If we don’t, they will come out in a big unnatural way.  It will be far worse than if we would have gone ahead and lived out our desires.  In addition to this, when you sit down to meditate, if you have these desires on your mind, that’s what’s going to appear in your mind in meditation.  Instead of meditating on what you should be meditating on, you’ll be meditating on Kal, meditating on the things of the world.  Your mind will be focusing on those things when it should be centered on the spirit within.  It still won’t do you any good.

So of course the moral of the story is, you cannot deny yourself the things of the world.  We absolutely cannot get spiritual by doing that.  What we should do is go ahead, get the experience – both the bad and good from it, learn the lesson that goes along with it and continue to meditation often.  If we continue to meditations deeply, we’re less attached as we live out our desires.  We’re able to catch the lessons quicker. 

from Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

Positive Guru Blog

Bidging the Gap (The more we go within… and The Wind Rises )

The more we go within and become accustomed to the realities of the other world, the more we begin to understand that this is where everything comes from. We also realize this is the most beautiful sight a person can see. But it takes time and time again, going within and actually seeing these other worlds to have a clear vision.

Form the book What if My Soul is Eternal and Heaven is Everywhere
By Craig Kimbrough

In the wonderful movie The Wind Rises Jiro Horikoshi, the Japanese aviator engineer, would get ideas and information from dreams and visions. He would meet up with a mentor in this other world and talk to and learn from him also. After coming out of a dream he would go back to the drawing board to work on his planes. Quite often he would not be able to get the plane the way it was in the dreams right away. But he would keep going back into the dream state over and over again until he could see and understand flight more clearly.

This is how we have to be on the spiritual and meditation path. We must keep going back to the source both in dream and meditation to understand deeper and deeper how we must be in this world, and better understand all of the wonders we find within.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Question for Craig (Lately I have been nonchalant about everything. I am not sure why?)

Lately I have been feeling very nonchalant about just about everything. I am not sure why. Even when it comes to music, which is my passion. I usually love making music, working with other artists, producing, and listening to music. It is usually a high for me, but not now. I am just wondering what’s up?

Craig: I know exactly what you are going through. I have had this experience. I felt like, “why be excited about making money? I’ll just spend it and then have to make more. Why waste time in a relationship? They come and they go. They start out good then they change, then you find another and it starts out good.” I felt like “if my ventures go good,ok so now what? There has to be more.”

You are experiencing what is known on the spiritual path as variag, the negative tendency. When this occurs, the same things that normally make you happy, no longer enthuse you. Believe it or not. this is a good thing. It is the reminder or realization that enjoying the situations in life for their own sake is not enough. What counts, is their relation in your life to your growth towards your oneness with the Universe, everyone and everything. You can even understand it intellectually, but during a bought of variag, intellectually getting it is not enough. You must feel it in your soul.

How do you get back, or better yet move forward enthused and alive? Dive into the spiritual. Meditate more, and deeply. Change your focus to the magic and harmony behind things. When you can see this, you will see the Universe, and be magically alive. So flood your mind with the spiritual. Watch movies on it. Listen to material on incredible possibilities. Talk about it. Make it your world. Once again, also take time to go within and connect with the positive vitality, the sound and light within. Do these things, and you will be more alive than you can imagine.

Today’s Positive Thought (This life is just a day of the soul)

Our souls and our spirits are immortal. Our deeper selves have been and will be in existence for eons. This life that we live is just a day of the soul. How long that day may last depends on us and what we need to express and experience. Just as we have dreams at night and waken to the day, so does the soul have dreams in the form of life times and then awaken to its light of day. Think of how many dreams and awakenings we have had.

Sometimes we remember our dreams, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can be dreaming and know that we are dreaming because we are somewhat awake. Some of us even have visions of the soul before and after this particular dream we find ourselves in. If we learn to meditate deeply, we can see all these things within.

From the book Wise Words 

By Craig Kimbrough