Sometimes we have to make tough decisions.

Sometimes we have to let go of this to move onto that.

If that place is where you want to be then don’t look back.

The kingdom is a place where all things are beautiful.

Everybody can’t come with you to the beautiful place.

We all have our time and lessons to receive.

We can still love them as we move on.

When you walk on the clouds you can’t lose your focus.

When they are truly ready you say “welcome back!

I have a place for you it’s right over here.

I never left you I have been here in spirit.

Although things have changed it’s all peace and love.”

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

2 Replies to “Everybody Can’t Come With You To The Beautiful Place We All Have To Get There In Our Own Time (Today’s Poetry)”

  1. Love this, Craig! Am trying to figure out if you’re talking about here on earth or when we’ve passed on. This is really apropos for moving on while living . . .

    1. I was speaking about here on earth in this life. Sometimes in life it is hard to move on to our next wonderful place and see others who we care about are not quite ready to come along. If we are not careful them not being willing to come with us may even stop us from getting there. I have found that we are all on our own journey and sometimes we can make it together and other times not. As long as we sincere and close to the Universe it all works out for everyone in the end.

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