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Today while I was out, I saw an old classmate of mine who I would find myself thinking about from time to time.  I would think about him from time because our last meeting was not that good.  Due to a misunderstanding, I was not as nearly as friendly as I could have been at our last meeting.  I can still remember his facial expression during the encounter.  It seemed to haunt me from time to time.  Well today while I was out with my wife, I saw him from a distance and was pretty sure he had not seen me yet.  I immediately got up and walked over to him.  As I got close I felt like he did not want to see me or have me come up to him.  It was all over his face.  I kept walking right up to him and shook his hand telling him how good it was to see him.  It was my way of saying “I am sorry, I see you as a friend and I truly have nothing but goodwill for you.”  He dropped his guard and became his friendly self, and we laughed and talked.  I could tell my gesture allowed him to let go of any ill feelings he may of had towards me.

After leaving, I thought back on seeing my friend today.  I could have easily avoided him, but this was not the positive way.  I wanted him to know that I only thought good of him and was sorry for my previous actions.  My point is, this is what my life is about, spreading peace and love everywhere we go.  My message for today, that I opened up to randomly, comes out of my first book What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere?  Page 100 It said ” See yourself as the light.  Picture The Light Pouring Out of You Everywhere You Go In All Situations.”

Peace and blessings


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  1. I love this! Funny how when we put our guards down and reach out to other people first, they usually don’t want to hold grudges either. Love that quote about the light. I like to see love going out of me to everyone I see. I do it a lot when I’m driving. I just send love to all the other people in other cars driving by.

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