“The Kingdom of Heaven Is Spread Upon The Earth But Men Do Not See It.” (Ancient words for truly living and enjoying here and now.)

English: Gospel of Thomas or maybe gnostic Gos...
English: Gospel of Thomas or maybe gnostic Gospel of Peter (see talk page). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago I got the same message from the same passage from two different sources in the same day.  First I heard it in from Joseph Campbell in an interview with Bill Moyers.  Then I saw it in the Movie Stigmata.  It came from the Thomas Gospel, dug up in 1945.  It is an ancient text reported by many scholars to be the closest to the original words of Jesus.  The words were absolutely fascinating and changed my life.

The people were asking Jesus “when will the kingdom come, this kingdom of heaven you are talking about?”  Jesus replied “the kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth but men do not see it.”  I said “wait, spread upon the earth.”  Up until this point I thought Heaven was when I was in deep meditation, traveling deep within, seeing magnificent sights.  But now I was being challenged to see my whole world as Heaven.  Always loving a spiritual challenge. I decided to put it to the test.

I looked for the good everywhere I went.  Even if a situation was bad to me initially, I began to ask” how is God and The Universe trying to hook me up in ways that I can’t see at the moment?”  As I leaned into this idea more and more, my whole world changed.  I looked for harmony everywhere I went.  In time I could see how things were magically put together, just for me.  As I went through my days I would talk to God in my mind asking questions and wait to see the answers show up in my world. Some days I would thank God and the Universe for anything I could think of.  The tire not going flat on the way to get my kids from school, anything!   My life became a daily adventure to see how many ways could I see my world as Heaven.   Within a short period of time my whole world changed.   I had more money, a great relationship, I loved my house, the kids loved the house, my kids were happy, I was happy, I was finally writing my first book, I was on a spiritual high.  This was just after my second divorce.  It could have been a depressing time, instead, it was a whole new wonderful beginning.


Craig Kimbrough

I love discovering the mysteries of God and The Universe. My goal is to allow as much of the infinite to come through as freely as possible as I live my life as a father, husband, son, brother friend, meditation teacher, writer, and business owner. I teach meditation, interpret dreams, write, and try to share as much as I learn along the way as possible.


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