Today’s Positive Thought (pay attention to the signs)

Funny signs

Funny signs (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

What would life life be like if we drove down the street not paying attention to the signs?  As we drive down the street of life we must do the same.  Pay attention.

A friend and meditation student asked me whether I would send out a free short mini audio lesson from Sunday’s talk.  One of my meditation students who is a hard core rap artist tells me “Yo Craig I don’t know how to tell you this but as I listened to you talking on the video, I was just chllin listening to your voice, thinking he has a great voice.”  I have a others on Youtube who keep asking when is the next video coming?  I keep reminding myself in different ways that although I love writing, I think I love giving talks even more.  I keep getting the same message over and over, telling me that I need to do and share more audio and video.  I guess now I have to ask myself “what kind of person am I going to be, someone who believes in signs or miracles, or someone who just believes things just happen by chance? ”   Time to send out more audio and video.  I must pay attention to the signs.

What kind of signs might you be getting these days?


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