This Morning is Peace and Love

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This morning I think of the rainbow

and how we thought we could see where it ends

This morning  when I think of time

it seems like there is no such thing

Its like the whole world is smiling

while I am in this timeless place

beautiful thoughts and ideas are with me

as I hear the most beautiful horn playing

Oh what a wonderful place

What a wonderful way of being

when I step into the day

I want to take it with me

Do I stay here?

or take time to write about it

For the rest of my day

I want to live this peace and love


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog


22 Replies to “This Morning is Peace and Love”

  1. Very nice poem Sir, I read it aloud to my wife, we both enjoyed it. I do not see a ‘reblog’ button but I do see where you have a ‘press this’ button so I am going to try to reblog this poem over to my WordPress blog for you.

  2. Okay, there wasn’t a ‘reblog’ buton showing up a few moments ago but there is now, after I ‘pressed’ the article for you, but now there is one. So, I reblogged the article for you in hopes that one of them will ‘press’ over onto my blog site for you.

  3. Hey guys I write blogs like this everyday very similar that follows the progress of me creating my FC1892 brand. I am a young man from Ireland and I’m blogging all my experiences everyday and I hope I am spreading positivity in them so please if anyone is reading this can they follow me and my blogs it would mean a great amount and I think everyone can take positivity and good vibes from my honest writing x

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