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Not too long ago I was listening to a radio show in which the host was defending the rapper Jay Z.  He was saying that Jay Z was asked if he was a part of the Illuminati, that so-called dark, all-powerful society that secretly runs the world.  His answer was no.  The host goes on to say that Jay explains that he believes in and worships God.  Then one of the co hosts replies “yeah but which God?”  I thought to myself” how ridiculous, which God?  God is God, regardless of what name you use or of people’s understanding.  We can’t get caught up in my God is better than your god.  This is how wars get started and people get mistreated and enslaved.”

From my perspective, we are all connected to God, The Light, The Source, The Creator, what ever name your choose to use, we all have access.  The sooner we can see this, the more unified we will be and the more of God and the mystery of life we can see.  I am happy to say that recently I have had some wonderful encounters with people of different religions on deep spiritual matters. The people involved were able to move beyond judgements and perceived differences of religious faiths in spiritual matters.  I will briefly share two of them with you.

The first encounter was with my cousin Marlys.  We were having a conversation and in the middle of our talk she says “Craig let me tell you about this dream I had.”  She then proceeds to tell me about her dream.  As she is talking, I am thinking to myself, “this is the first time this has happened with Marlys.  Mom must have told her that I analyze dreams.  I will listen closely so I can help her.”  When she is done she asks me what I think about it.  She says that to her it does not make any sense.  Then I explain the way I see the dream.  Afterwards, she says “wow that makes so much sense.”  Then she elaborates as to why it does make so much sense to her.  Later in the conversation, Marlys says “that had to be God that made me ask you about that dream.  What you said made so much sense.”  I told her that I figured that Mom had told her that I analyze dreams and had been writing a book on dreams and that was why she asked.  She told me that my mother never told her and that she had no idea.  I went on to tell her that I do it all the time for people all over the world here in town and on the internet with my meditation group.  She said for now on I am going to call you about my dreams.  The other person I call does not answer me as well.  From this point we began to talk about deep subjects, such as our experiences with people just before they died.    Marlys then says “I always said you have a lot of Uncle Paul in you.”  Uncle Paul was my great grand father and a minister who made his transition when I was 3 years old.  What I found interesting was that Marlys and I are not of the same religious faith but we could have great conversations on spiritual life and she could even trust my dream interpretation and see me as a minister of sorts.

My next encounter was an email that came from my mother’s friend Bitsy.  Bitsy and I have never met in person.  She lives in Tennessee.  She has read some of my blogs and other material and has told my mom she is impressed with my spirituality.  Bitsy is a practicing Baptist.  From what I hear her son-in-law, Scott, is a wonderful man and has cancer.  The family is faced with some serious decisions.   Bitsy wrote my mother, asking her to ask me to pray for her son-in-law and the family to make the right choice.  This has always fascinated my mother because although I am not Baptist, anytime there is something serious going on she will tell my mom to “tell Craig to pray for us.”  Me myself, I am honored, and will be praying and meditating for Scott and her family.  If you have time and the inclination, I ask if you will do the same.

Peace and Blessings,


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