Wristband Movement Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Positive Guru wristband, and joining the Positive Guru Movement.  The following are instructions for maximum benefit to help spread more positivity to the world.


  1. In the morning or for the start of your day, put on your I Am A Positive Guru wristband.


  1. While putting it on, remind yourself, and say, ”I am a positive guru, living, learning, and expressing positivity.”

.  .

  1. During this time, commit to and expect to being a positive force, doing at least one positive act today.


  1. Then go about the day. Such an intention will often cause you to create more positivity and do more positive actions.


  1. When you find yourself doing unusual positive acts, or seeing unusual positive results, write them down in a journal that you have specifically for this.


  1. In the meantime, be open to ways of being positive and be sure to consciously do one positive thing that you would normally not do.


  1. Do not go to bed without doing some positive act, even if it is calling an old friend or someone in need, or praying for or meditating on someone’s wellbeing.


  1. Take the wrist band off, and place it where you won’t forget it, for  the next day.  This is important.  Do not sleep with it on.  Put it back on the next day and start the process again.


  1. Do this every day, and see how your life changes.


  1. Go to positiveguru.comand search for wristband movement for more clarity, and to share your any positive experiences with this process if you choose to.


  1. Once you have seen results, purchase a wristband for a friend who you think is open to this.



Welcome to the movement.


Peace and Blessings, Craig Kimbrough