The Positive Guru Wristband Movement

new blue wrist band

Welcome to The Positive Guru Wristband Movement. On this page you will find instructions for maximum benefit to help spread more positivity to the world with your Positive Guru Writsband.  You can also purchase one in our store by clicking here.  We encourage you to share your experiences with your wristband by commenting below.  Peace and blessings

  1.  Put on your Positive Guru Wristband and say to yourself “I am a positive guru, I am peace I am love, expressing posivity.” Remind yourself of this truth every time you see the band on your wrist.
  2. Be sure to do atleast one extra or unusal positive act each day you wear the wristband.
  3. Keep a journal and write down your positive act and experiences daily.
  4. Take off the wristband at the end day and put it back on the next day. Be sure to do your positive act and journal before the band comes off.
  5. Purchase atleast one more Positive Guru Wristband to give to someone and encourage them to join the movement and do the same.