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With the Enlightenment Program, Craig Kimbrough is giving people the opportunity to learn spirituality and meditation the same way in which he did but on a more global and modern scale making this incredible opportunity available for more people. So just like the experience Craig had learning meditation and metaphysics from Mr. Ambrister, participants with the Enlightenment Program will receive the following:

Instructions on how to meditate with the highest form of meditaton

Weekly video talks and classes on meditation, spirituality and the enlightenment path

Suggested books for reading that are of tremendous benefit for those on the path.

The opportunity to ask questions about meditation and the path.

The opportunity to learn from a teacher who has experience with the OM vibration, meditation, and visions in meditation, or soul travel

A copy of 30 Days of Metaphysics by Craig Kimbrough


In this video Craig Kimbrough shares some of the incredible possibilities that can be experienced with Positive Guru’s (formerly Meditative Zone’s) The Enlightenment Program.


The Enlightenment Program

Get a year of the Enlightenment Program for only about $5.00 a week. Craig grew on this path with lessons from his teacher for about $10.00 to $15.00 a week. You get this incredible offer for more than half less 20 years later.