• This is no coincidence

    This is no coincidence, my going through this challenge

    It is leading me to something better if I can embrace the situation

    Even though it seems impossible at this moment

    There is an incredible answer that is right here with me

    For this reason I am going to meditate

    So I can become more open to where you are trying to lead me

    I will let go of all ideas of what my solution may look like

    and be thankful for this challenging situation

    If it were not so challenging

    I may not have ever become this open

    but now I am so please show me the way

    Once again I am thankful for you getting my attention

    I can barely feel my body I am now in the zone

    Maybe I was just being led to where I am at this moment

    Maybe being here right now has already changed it all

    What comes next can only be incredible

    I remain open to the signs everywhere I go

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Poetry (The Flower Garden Within)

    There once was a great flower garden, where many children were invited to come play.

    Some got the invitation but were too busy for such nonsense

    Others thought they heard their parents calling and chose not to enter

    And a few entered into the garden, and they played and they played

    The joy of this place is wonderful and unending

    Any time spent here will surely change your life

    There are no concerns here, only obstacles in the great game.

    Hidden gifts of the garden to enjoy the great games

    When you are in the garden everything is good

    You can only marvel at the beauty, there are so many signs along the way.

    All that you see here is what is wonderful and real

    So when you return from the garden, this is when you play your part!

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Poetry (taking me to wonderful new places)

    The Universe is taking me to new places

    Places I would love to be, but was putting off going

    It is funny how we put off the wonderful new place.

    We avoid the work and changes, because our dream seems so far off

    So the Universe gives us another chance

    And destroys all comfort to help change our mind.

    We soon find ourselves backed into a corner

    A wonderful opportunity, if we can see the way

    Seeing the way becomes the new objective

    Following the way is even harder, yet it is the key

    Where are you trying to take me?

    What ideas have I overlooked that can help me find the way?

    I will follow wherever you lead me

    I will meditate more to help remove my smaller self

    This is my new way of life

    The wonderful new places are already here in the midst of my changes


    Craig Kimbrough (For Positive Guru Blog)



  • Today’s Positive Thought (We can be more than prepared for what lies ahead in this wonderful game we find ourselves in )

    In the movie, “Sherlock Holmes, a Game of Shadows”, Sherlock is sitting on the ground meditating, just before he his about to be attacked by four men. In his mind, he could see every move of his opponents before anyone had even lifted a finger. This clearly gave him an advantage that helped him tremendously.  Utilizing this gift often seems to also help him see his adventure and life as one big game where he is constantly enjoying making his moves.

    If we learn to meditate on the upper centers within, with practice we can see glimpses of what is coming like we see visions in our dreams. If we pay attention to these wonderful sights and act accordingly we too will find that we are more than prepared for what lies ahead in this wonderful adventure and game we find ourselves in.

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Thought and Dialogue With The Universe (This is what I will do)

    I know that this is happening for a reason. So I guess I am asking, why is this happening? Where are you trying to take me? I know you are trying to take me to a better place. It would be nice to know what that place looks like.

    I will meditate throughout my day chant my mantra, keep my mind on higher things. I would like to be able to see that place. Not only would I like to see that place, I would like to have strength energy and enthusiasm to
    work towards that place.

    I want to be into my movie, realizing that this is the part I am to play. Play it and know that I am being led by you, knowing that you are coming through me in all my actions, and know that I am on a mission that you have chosen for me.

    I know there are still some things I want to do in my life. I want to enjoy those things. Live out that worldly side of myself. At the same time, I want to allow you to work through me. I want to be one with you, yet have a part of myself and the same time, still be able to get myself out of the way. And I want to do it now. I may not be able to move into the whole place, with everything added materially right now, and I am thankful for all that I have right now, lord knows I have been blessed. But I want to be that person now, move through life as that person. And the only way I know how to do it with my limited vision, is do what ever it is you tell me to do, to trust you, seek you, with my soul. And at the same time realize that whatever wants I have along the way, whatever ways I feel I should be doing things, know that I am being led by you, because I am constantly seeking you. This is what I will do

    Thank you

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Poetry (Found my way)


    I no longer care what they think of me

    I am in the zone

    I just want to give and be the light

    The sound of enlightenment is blaring.

    I feel so good like this moment could last forever.

    Do I stick with it or come out ant write?

    I just want to be the way I feel right now, in my life,

    and dance this new dance.

    This new dance has always been with me.

    But was overshadowed by fears concerns and worries

    So now I let go of these things

    I want to feel this way forever

    Time to stop writing and go back.

    I want more energy. I want to be more at one.

    How could I have left this way of being, even for a minute?

    Once again I am back.

    I have truly found my way

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Thought (Even if you need a million dollars go out and get it. Just remember to repeat your mantra)

    Even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it.

    Just remember to repeat your mantra.

    As we are progressing on the spiritual path, we have to remember that we are still in this world, and fully enjoy it. Whatever it takes for us to enjoy our life and accomplish what we need to accomplish on our journey, we should get and use to our advantage. It is no coincidence that we are where we are experiencing what we are experiencing at this particular time in history.

    So even if you need a million dollars go out and get it, just repeat your mantra. This means, do what you have to do to have the life you want for yourself and your family. Just be sure to include God and keep God with you throughout the process. Trust as you move forward the universe will move forward with you providing what you need.

    Mantra means repetition. All day long we are all repeating mantras whether we know it or not. Whatever is on your mind, that tends to be what you repeat in your mind, and focus on. When we are taught to meditate we are given a mantra to shift our focus to the higher things. When we keep our mind on the higher things while we are completely into our adventure, doing what we have to do, the rest takes care of itself. We must also remember that nothing is impossible when we include God in the project.

    From the book Wise Words
    by Craig Kimbrough
    Positive Guru Blog

  • Is my story going to be a great story or not? (a page from Craig’s Journal)

    My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to tell me to go to the churches and teach the ministers how to meditate. I seemed to always feel uncomfortable whenever I thought about taking such steps. I thought I may be looked at as arrogant or crazy with people asking, “Who does he think he is coming to our church wanting to teach our minister or us how to meditate?”

    But now I find myself questioning, what do I love? How much do I love my causes? Am I now going to be willing to put myself out there beyond my comfort zone? Am I now ready to take some risks that I have been holding back on? Is my story going to be a great story or not?

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Poetry (Why would I ever waste time with cares and worries?)

    I once heard a wise man say
    to never let your royal feet touch the ground

    And if we step off the red carpet
    we will soon lose the Midas touch

    To walk on the red carpet
    is no small thing

    Its like being connected to the Universe
    while everyone figures out the world

    Trying to figure out the world
    is such a crazy task

    We often do this
    when things are not going our way

    We say “why are they doing this?
    and I hope I get that”

    and speak on what
    we don’t want to have happen

    If we continue on such a course
    our fears will surely come about

    In the meantime
    the entire Universe is right here with us

    If we can realize this
    everything soon turns into to gold

    In the meantime
    walking on the red carpet is easy

    you simply focus on what’s beautiful
    and embrace what is

    If you remain thankful
    you will see good everywhere you go

    What looks like a problem
    becomes the greatest blessing

    If you meditate and stay humble
    all is in divine order

    You learn to let go of ego
    and pay attention to the signs

    And it all seems to happen
    without much effort

    Everything you could ever want
    soon comes your way

    And you wonder
    how could so much good show up so quickly?

    But this is what happens
    when you stick to the way

    You get what you always wanted
    and more than you could have ever imagined

    People see you and they are bewildered
    but is it really you that they see?

    So why would I ever waste time
    with cares and worries?

    When I can keep my mind
    on higher things

    Why would I think about things
    I don’t want to happen?

    When I can meditate on the beautiful
    and the good coming my way

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

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