• Today’s Poetry (I Float On)

    I don’t have to be on top

    I can move through the crowd nice and slow

    I don’t have to be in front

    as long as I get where I need to go

    I can flow with the Universe

    and be open to where it wants to take me

    If I can keep this attitude

    I can move on I can move on

    Don’t be surprised if you see me flying

    If I truly learn to give I might float away

    Don’t be surprised if you see me crying

    But if you do they are tears of joy

    I see her standing by the misstetoe

    waiting on me to take her hand

    And as I take my material joy

    Can I still meditate and remain at one?

    I guess you can say that my time has come

    For me to dive in and take a swim

    And as I freestyle and butterfly

    I am thankful that I know these strokes

    I float on

    Positive Guru Application: As you go through your day, remember to be humble, and give. Good things will come your way. At the same time while doing so, by all means, jump into life and live fully. And as you live out your day and life to its fullest, and practice remaining humble, remember to continue to meditate for maximum peace and enjoyment.

    by Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog
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  • Today’s Positive Poetry (You Will Know You Are There)

    When your song becomes about what your are trying to convey
    you will know that you are there

    When your book is the story or information that you truly want to share with with the world
    you will know that you are there

    When your business becomes about serving who you are to serve, in the way you can best serve, while being true to who you are
    you will know that you are there

    When your love becomes about expressing the beauty that you see, sharing, and being there for those who you love
    you will know that you are there

    When your expression becomes about expressing that that truly moves you
    you will know that you are there

    When your life becomes about getting the lesson you are meant to get, and sharing it with others
    you will know that you are there

    When you say to God and the Universe “What do you want me to do?” and you are willing to do it
    you will know that you are there

    When your life becomes a song, a book, a poem, a dance, a lesson, an expression
    you will know that you are there

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Guru Is Govinda,


    ecause God is omnipresent, everything that shows up in our life is a way the eternal has shown up in our worlds to give us whatever it is we are to get out of the situation. The same is true of the mystical teacher except his or her sole purpose in our life is to be the instructor on the inner path. In other words the guru is the way God has chosen to manifest in your world to help you realize that you are one with God. This is also a reminder that the teachings of the guru are the words of God.

    By Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Thought and Story (There were two great masters meditating)

    his is a story told to me by a great spiritual master. There were two masters meditating. A man with very little understanding went up to the first master and played with his nose and tickled his whiskers while meditating. The master continued meditating. This same man went to the second master and played with his nose and tickled his whiskers. The second master also continued to meditate. Then the man went back to the first master and smacked him hard in the face. The master looked up at the man and smiled and went back to meditating. Then the man went to the second master and smacked him hard in the face. The second master got up and whipped the man’s behind. The great man telling me this story said “That second master, that was me.” Sometimes you have to know when stand up for yourself and get people up off you.

    Let’s get back to our story. Both men were great masters with different levels of potential agitation and different characters. Know yours and be true. Do not be quick tempered, and at the same time do not hesitate to stand up when necessary. And by all means whatever you do remember to be one of those great masters and meditate often.

    From the book wise words by Craig Kimbrough
    Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Poetry (I could see it so clearly)


    I meditated because I had no choice

    My problems were so big I had no idea what to do

    As I went within I was practically begging for answers

    It wasn’t just for me but for those who I love


    This place that I entered had a melody playing

    The sound was so magical it pulled me right into it

    As I felt myself floating I saw the most beautiful things

    New situations in quick glimpses, I felt incredibly good


    With these visions I heard instructions on how to live the rest of my life

    My deepest questions were being answered in the midst of feeling wonderful bliss

    I was inspired to do big things I had been urged to do before

    There was much more clarity in how to carry out my mission


    This mission was the same one I had glimpses of years ago

    How could living it out be the answers to my latest challenge?

    I asked this question once I came out and sat there bewildered

    But while I was in the higher place I could see it so clearly


    Craig Kimbrough

    For Positive Guru Blog




  • Today’s Positive Poetry (So what am I trying to say?)

    Tell a person a lie often enough and it becomes their truth

    Hear the same thing over and over and it starts to make sense

    Keep singing the same song and the lyrics are sure to be with you

    Hang out with robbers and thieves and soon help rob the bank


    So what am trying to say?

    The rich hang with the rich, and the poor hang with the poor

    If you hang out with the saints, you will eventually become enlightened

    Focus on the good, and more good comes your way


    So what do we need to hear?

    That there are many ways be in ones company

    You can hang with them in the flesh, or read their books

    You can watch them on television, and listen to their songs


    You think about them, and bring them more into your world

    Their ways of living and being soon become your own

    You don’t even see it as the process is happening

    It doesn’t even seem like work, we are creating all the time


    Some of us create a catastrophe and say “How did this happen?”

    Some of us see miracles because we expect them wherever we go

    Then everyone says “You have great luck.

    The lord must be with you.  He blesses you all the time”.


    And yet we see this all time, and still don’t see it

    We enter an atmosphere without much care for its moldings

    Maybe we should think about where we are going, what we are watching

    who we hang out with, as we unknowingly create our day


    By Craig Kimbrough

    For Positive Guru Blog





  • Today’s Positive Poetry (The ultimate question)

    What does Craig Kimbrough look like? Do you know? What is his focus? What is his life about? Why is he in the world? How old is he? What has happened throughout his life?

    What great things have happened? What mistakes have happened?  Who are the people who have been in his world? Who are his mentors?  Does he have any mentors?  If so what did he learn from his time with them? What did he learn up to this point as he moved through life?  Does he remember what he  has learned?  Is he using those lessons in his life today?

    What does Craig Kimbrough look like?  Is he in an adventure? Is he alive and loving life? or is he just existing? What kind of character is he?  What is he doing on the world stage right now, while the movie is going on? Does he realize that he is in a movie?  Whether it is consciously or subconsciously does he know this on some level?  If he knows this on some level is he giving it his all? Is he playing his part to the fullest?

    Is he being the person he knows he can be?  Is he being the person who those who believed in him always knew he could be? Is he showing those who didn’t believe in him who he can be?  Is he remembering that he may have to show them, but it is not even about that?  Does he realize that it is not about the ego side of showing them, it’s about them seeing who he can be because God wants them to see his story, where his potential life comes through?

    Is he living his potential life?  Is he constantly moving from where he is to where he could be? Is he moving from simply just being a man to a more just than a just a man,  an exciting character, a light, an example an inspiration?

    What does Craig Kimbrough look like?!













  • Poetry (I will not waste time)

    I will not waste time trying to figure out where I am going

    I will not waste time trying to avoid what may be next

    I will make sure I embrace all contained within this moment

    There is so much the moment is trying to tell me


    I will not wast time trying to be important

    For what they think of me does not matter and is not true

    Even what I think of myself is wrong most of the time

    How easy it is to forget that I am a reflection of the one


    I will not waste time trying to find my true love

    when I am in love with life my true love finds me

    I won’t get lost when she comes knocking at my door

    I remain focused as I enjoy all that comes my way


    I will not waste time chasing after money

    If I remain open money just comes my way

    I will remember that my job is to serve

    And will not be ashamed when it is time to collect my payment


    I will not waste time worrying about anything in this life

    I will remind myself of the harmony and all will come together

    When my mind is at one and where it needs to be

    I will not waste time, I will not waste time


    Craig kimbrough

    For Positive Guru Blog




  • Today’s Poetry (Lila)


    Her name is Lila and she is so beautiful

    You could say that she is the past time of the Lord

    but you have to have eyes to see her

    Or else her sweetness and beauty will easily pass you by


    Some would say you are on the great playground

    And now is the time to learn to enjoy the great game

    But if you do not realize that it is  a game

    How much fun are you truly having?


    Maybe it is time to see what others do not see

    Maybe it is my moment to be at one with the sun

    Perhaps it is our time to dance in the rain

    And party in the moonlight with Lila once again


    Maybe it is time to run with the wind

    meditating for strength and then running with the world

    Maybe it is really time to hang out with my girl Lila

    Transfixed by her beauty while I bask in her presence



    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog





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