Seeking Out My People, The Ones Who Help Me Shine (Today’s Poetry)

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Time to seek out my people.

Those who think and move like me.

These are the ones who help me shine.

And remind me who I really am.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the realm.

Of those who are not best for us.

This is not a slight on them.

We must be with those who travel our way.

The way to where we want to be.

The way to who we really are.

The way to the land where we belong.

When we stick with these souls we are free.


Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru


Sometimes We Have To Step Back To Move Forward (Today’s Poetry)

Sometimes we have to step back.

This can lead us to whom we have always been.

When we look back we must search deep within.

To step into the role that we are meant to play.

We may have to step back to move forward.

It’s a fast track to where we want to be.

So contemplate and go within.

And remember where you always wanted to go.

Sometimes we have to step back because we are forced.

We may realize our situation is a gift.

An opportunity in the midst of difficulty.

When we learn to embrace our good is right here

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

Traveling The Main Road (Today’s Poetry )

When you travel the main road you can barely feel your body

As you move along the melody rings loadly

Continue your travels and miracles just happen

On the main road this is each and every day

Traveling the main road you are beyond time and space

Traveling the main road you sit with your teacher

Traveling the main road you fly without moving

All of a sudden you are in a new place

On the main road there is a wonderful flower garden

On the main road you can ride on the clouds

See all your problems taken care of, as if by magic

Ride the crooked tunel into the new land

When you step off the school bus everything is good

Things are being taken care of in ways you can’t see

On the main road you are more than one person

To understand this you must walk a little ways

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog




Easter, Passover, The Pandemic, Spiritual Meditation

In this latest video Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru, discusses the coralation of Easter, Passover, The Coronavirus and the Spritual Path.

The Greatest Meditation Masters Are Barely Here (Today’s Poetry)

The greatest meditation masters are barely here.

Being barely here, there is no time for the dumb stuff.

Focusing on dumb stuff is the cause of great misery

Who wants to multiply what they don’t like?

I swear that those great ones are almost not here.

Being half way gone, they hear the great music.

The great music is a melody playing

that you can’t hear when your mind is running.

You know those great ones barely touch the earth.

And when they do it’s just for a second.

Who has time for cares and worries

when there’s a yoga breath above all of this?

It seems these great giants get so much done.

They allow things to happen and get out the way.

So much can happen when your mind is on Heaven.

They get their instructions and move right away!

Craig H Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

Time to Go Back Home (Today’s Poetry)

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I have seen the whole Universe in the eyes my teacher.

I have sat at the table of the banquet of light.

I have had miracles in my life, too many to count.

These are not just pretty words to speak along the way.

I have made it stop raining with just a thought.

I have lived in Heaven while walking on earth.

I have traveled to other worlds without taking a step.

Why do I still have time to worry?

Maybe my eyes are off the prize.

Back on outcomes and not the wonderful place!

Maybe I got caught by my own ego and lost my way.

It was only for a moment, no need to worry

It’s time to make my way back home.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Reminder: We Are One With The Universe

We are one with the Universe. With the meditation process we learn to focus on spiritual regions within, and become less affected by what goes on in the world, while still enjoying this world we are in.


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Groundhog Day (Movie Interpretation) For Spiritual Holiday

Cover of "Groundhog Day (15th Anniversary...
Cover via Amazon

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies. People everywhere seem to
love this film, whether they consciously notice its deeper messages or
not. This of course is the movie in which Phil, played by Bill Murray who is stuck in a time loop, and has to live  through the same day over and
over again. It also happens to be the day that he hates the most,
Groundhog Day. No matter what he does it seems as though he cannot get
out of this day and this experience he hates so much. We’ve all felt
at times as though we were stuck in Groundhog’s Day, repeating similar
situations over and over.

· Although we may not experience the same day over and over,
I’m sure that we’ve all felt at times as though we were stuck in
Groundhog’s Day, repeating similar situations and dealing with similar
types of people over and over.· Phil a weather for-caster did not like the idea of being sent
to the small backwards town to cover the story of the Groundhog, also
named Phil, predict the weather. He hated the town, the tradition,
and he hated the idea of an animal predicting the weather, and getting
all the attention. It’s no coincidence that Phil has to go through
this day that he hates so much, over and over again. The more we
dread something, the more we have to go through it.

· Phil tried to escape this dreaded day and move on to the
next. But, no matter how he tried, he was right back there again.
How many times have we tried to leave relationships, jobs, etc. to end
up in one just like the last?

At one point some guy cracks a joke and asks Phil is his name
Phil just like the ground-hog. He then asks him “Hey Phil do you see
your shadow?” This is a very important part of the movie. It’s no
coincidence that our hero’s name is Phil just like the groundhog.
This is a hint that the entire movie is about the ground-hog day experience.
Seeing one’s shadow is identifying with the ego or shadow self. The
more any of us identify with our ego the more we taint all our efforts
and relationships with our petty concerns and remain stuck, just like
Phil having to repeat our same lessons over and over again. According
to the tradition if the groundhog sees his shadow there will be six
more weeks of winter. In other words if we are still identifying with
our ego, our hopes worries and concerns, then it’s time to go back
into hibernation or meditation and reflection, to rid ourselves of
this shadow, our ego and all its petty concerns for self. If the
groundhog does not see his shadow, if we are in the moment without the
egoistic concerns then we have an early spring in our world. Then we
spread more light everywhere we go. And as for the season, what is
happening in our lives, it magically changes on its own. The message
is that we are all Phil and must overcome seeing our shadow.

· Phil even learned how to manipulate people and situations,
and predict the future because of all his previous experiences in that
day. But, he still could not move on. This can be true of us. We can
grow enough to be materially powerful, fulfill certain desires, gain
psychic abilities, and still be stuck.

· Finally our friend and hero decides to lean into the day. He
begins to embrace where he is and move beyond himself and his ego. He
really gets caught up in the adventure of the day, and truly becomes a
much more evolved person. He begins to truly see the other people
around him, and helps people everywhere he goes. He enjoys it all and
looks forward to it, and during this process, he makes many friends,
and finds love. This is how it is with all of us. When we embrace
the adventure and let go of our egos and projected outcomes, we grow
and life becomes so beautiful!

Cover of "Groundhog Day (15th Anniversary...
Cover via Amazon

· Surprisingly Phil finally awakens to a new day with his new
love in his arms. At this point, he even suggests to his new love
that they stay in the same town that he was visiting and previously
hated so. Meditate often, embrace where you are. Let go of yourself
and your concerns for the outcome, and find yourself moving right on
to where you really want to be, it may even be where you already are.

Some would say that this movie not only depicts how we can be
stuck in this mortal lifetime, but also how we can be stuck
metaphysically, returning to this earth lifetime after lifetime,
reliving similar circumstances until we finally get our lessons and

My Question To You:  What are you going to do to get out of being stuck?  How are you going to move beyond your shadow self and move into being One?

This Weeks Question on Meditation and Metaphysics (Which one is it, a self fulfilling prophesy or a premonition of things to come?)

This weeks question comes from a meditative community member in Finland.

“I had a day-dream that a family member was going to try to get me to make up with another family member who did some underhanded things towards me.  I also felt very strongly that the one family member was going to ask me to do a huge favor for the one I have problems with.  This favor would really be tough on me and a great sacrifice.”

A few days later, I was invited to a dinner by the same peace-making family member in my daydream.  I am also confident that the one I had problems with would be there.   Do you think that somehow I made this situation occur by my thoughts and feelings, or do you think it was a premonition of things to come? Which one is it?

Craig’s answer.  It is probably both.  We are always creating our whole world so that we can get the growth and lessons out of the situation.  The main thing that sticks out is, that you have been warned by God, your deeper self and the Universe what is coming your way.  Trust it and be prepared as to how you are going to handle the situation.  As we progress spiritually, we are often prepared for situations in advance.  Our job and lesson is to take heed and act in light of the information that we have been given.

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