It’s Been A While (Today’s Poetry)

clear blue shore

It’s been a while since I have written and I can feel the loss.

Now as I begin I am on my way back.

I can barely feel my body I am on the right track.

I feel like I am floating what a wonderful sign.

What can I say I am in the mythological zone!

The place where all things are magical it’s more than just words.

On this yellow brick road I can’t tell if I am breathing.

I remember I am one and all of the magic.

Being in your right place and contemplating the Universe,

Can bring you back to the field where you are truly at one.

Slipping into the world beyond time and space.

It happens in meditation and when writing these words.


Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

P.S. Take time to meditate and express who you are.  It refreshes the soul and prepares you for more productive living.


Do Your Best And Leave The Rest (The Next 30 Days)

The more we progress on the spiritual path the more we realize that for every step we take to accomplish our goals, God and the Universe will take two. This can be tested and proven in our world. For this reason the great ones throughout time have employed us to simply do our best and not worry about the outcome, especially if the situation looks very difficult.

If we are truly and sincerely doing our best in our endevours, and don’t look back, just keep working on the task, without fear or worry, the Universe will step in and bring just the right people, ideas, and circumstances into play to help us along.

Doing our best not only includes all our outside efforts along the way to our goal, it also refers to going within and meditating and keeping our mind on the magic and beauty of this world. This part of doing our best helps us to move beyond our ego based thoughts ideas and methods. It also helps us experience more peace in order to allow the rest, the providence, divine action to occur.

Be of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome This World (The Next 30 Days)

On the meditation path, there is a point in which the meditator can become so adept at the practice of superconscious meditation that they can travel to the upper worlds within and come back to this world at will. The gross outer world compared to the meditation world within becomes somewhat of a dream.

The more one has the expereinces of divine travels and sights within, the more dreamlike this life is. And the more at peace he becomes. Now the meditator is said to have overcome this wold. And is naturally of good cheer on account of realizing there is so much more to this life than he or she could have previously ever imagined. There is also a profound realization of a larger life beyond space and time.

“I came forth from the father and am come into the world, again. I leave the world and go to the Father.”

One Day You Are Going To Look Back And See That Whole Building Surounded In Light! (from The Next 30 Days)

My teacher Ambrister would sometimes talk about how one day when he stepped outside his teacher Dr. Thind’s meditation class, he looked back, and to his surprise the whole building was surounded by light. As he would tell the story I could almost see him having the experience. One day when we were talking he said to me, Craig “One day when you are at your place, you are going to look back and see that whole building surounded in light!” At the time I owned a metaphysical bookstore. It was also the place where I taught meditation classes. It surprised me that he said this to me. After all, I was just me, not Dr. Mr. Ambrister and not Dr. Thind. But at times he would say things like this, and even compare me to himself, and his teacher Dr. Thind.

One day as I was leaving the building I happened to look back as I drove off. I could not believe what I was seeing. I saw a white light around the whole building. It was an overcast day and the building was a block long. And to my surprise, there was a light around the whole building for the one block. This light was no where else to be found nearby. I drove back and forth up and down the street looking in disbelief. I rushed to Mr. Ambrister to tell him. He replied. “That is the Aura from you and the work you are doing.”

I have learned over the years to never underestimate the beauty and spiritual heights that can be achieved from meditating and doing what the Universe and God lead you to do.

New Life

The Universe is designed in a such a way that we are constantly being inspired, urged or pushed to new life and higher ways of being and expression. These promptings can show up in our lives in many ways. It can be in the form of dreams, ideas, situations, and challenges or problems. But the idea is always the same, to move us to the new life the higher ground and understanding. If we can see or feel the new life and make the changes, life once again becomes incredible, with wonderful new situations, and our connection feels miraculous.

When the process of the inspiring and prompting begins to occur, the question at hand is, Are we going to be open to the new even more wonderful life now, and make the needed changes while it may look far off and vague or are we going to have to be pushed more?

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought (Take Your Time But Make Haste)

Field visit in Punjab, India
Field visit in Punjab, India (Photo credit: CGIAR Climate)

Right now I have a lot of things I would like to see done or more complete.    I had been thinking in a mode that my teacher Mr. Ambrister used to share with me.  He used to say “make haste while the sun is still shinning.”  Well that is what I have been trying to do.   The problem is I want to do big things, I lot of big things, in a relatively short time.  Then this morning I opened up Wise Words, the second book I wrote years ago, looking for my message for today.  The page I opened up to randomly was page 48.  This is what it read.


ork on what you’re planning, but don’t get stressed out about it.  Do a little bit each day towards whatever you are working on.  The real making haste is the meditation.  When we meditate, when we get centered and contact our higher self, we get all sorts of ideas and information that would normally pass over us.  Also, we’re able to see the situation more completely within, enabling us to have more faith when we only see part of the picture outside.  At the same time we’re less attached to the outcome.  This allows us to attract the desired situation in our lives much quicker without us worrying about it not arriving or being controlled by it when does arrive.  Instead of repelling the situation with doubts and attachments, we attract the situation with more faith and non attachment by going within.

On the spiritual path, this making haste is most important, because it gets us more grounded in the spiritual regions, furthering our growth while dematerializing us. (It makes us more identified with our soul.)

Take Your Time But Make Haste


Craig Kimbrough

Wise Words

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