Latest Meditation Question… How do you meditate and get centered during times of high stress?

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Answer:  During times of stress it can be difficult to meditate for sure.  Maybe just prior to whatever is taking place in your world, you were able to sit down, meditate and feel good, blissful, and fulfilled.  You may have even noticed that that good feeling carried on into your world after the meditation, and made for a great day.  Now during the time of stress and difficulty, when you meditate, your mind just goes right back to the problem, and you may even be sad or angry before meditating and after.  You may even sit down for a minute and try to concentrate and find yourself saying “forget it, this is not working.”

Here are a couple tips.

1. Change your walking meditation.

We are all meditating, or focusing on something, all day long.  If you are thinking about what you don’t like all day, when you sit down to meditate, your mind will still be focused on that.  So instead, throughout the day, think about and talk about the good in your world.  Or think about and talk about possible good.  Listen to and watch movies music etc. about good positive things, including people overcoming great challenges, maybe even miracles.  Such focus and thoughts are preparing you for great meditation sessions.

2.  Remind yourself and convince yourself that meditation and higher thoughts truly make a difference.

You can do this by talking to friends who meditate, about successes that seem to happen on account of meditation in the past.  You can also read material dealing with others accounts on the power of meditation. Be creative and consider it to be an experiment. You will find that the more you find ways to convince yourself that it works, the more you will be shocked by how much you want to meditate, and the incredible results that follow. Many times, I remind myself of times in the past when I stepped up my meditations and the incredible results that followed.

If you try these two things, your meditations, and the results of your meditations should improve dramatically.

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Question (What if?)

Most of us think of Heaven as being this place way off in the cosmos: the place we go to when we die. It’s the position that I just can’t seem to get to, or the situation I keep trying to experience and every time I get there somehow it escapes me. This is how we think of Heaven.

But what if Heaven is right here, right now, wherever you are in this moment, if you can see it? What if that’s the case? What if all this running I’ve been doing, trying to find my total peace and total happiness in this situation, in that situation is actually causing me to run away from my total peace, total happiness, and unbelievable abundance? What if there are incredible things trying to occur in my life and I’m blocking them by the way I see and approach the world? What if there is much more going on behind the scenes in my life than I realize? And what if everything is constantly occurring to try to improve my vision, so I can understand the fact that I’m in Heaven right now?

What if I could be so in touch with the universe that I could get the answer to whatever I wanted to know about anything, at any given time? What if my being so connected supplied just the right set of circumstances coming my way to achieve all the things that would bring me into that heavenly position that I’ve so longed for? What if I am a mini replica of the universe and there are higher realms within me I can visit in meditation? What if all it takes is for me to actually tap into myself and go deep enough to see this magical kingdom that’s been waiting for me all the time?

What if this is what’s going on with all of us? We’re in Heaven and we just don’t know it. Happiness beyond our wildest dreams is waiting on us. What if everything that’s happening is trying to get us to realize it? What if all the events in our lives are occurring in order for us to see the eternal through each situation? What if once we begin to meditate deeply on a regular basis, we see the light coming to us through all the events in our lives causing us to thoroughly enjoy every moment? What if when this occurs, life seems to become more and more incredible as we go along with unbelievable opportunities constantly coming our way? What if this makes us realize that even when a ‘bad’ thing occurs, it’s actually a good thing in the making? What if that good thing in the making is so good that other things have to leave in order for us to get to it? What if when you see life this way this is how it works for you? Heaven your highest good is right here right now and everywhere you go. What if when you don’t see life this way then it doesn’t work like this at all?

From the book What if My Soul is Eternal and Heaven is Everywhere
By Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Be open to the possibilities)

How can I say that I have been here before?

It seems to be a subject so few will embrace

Some would say such a notion discounts Heaven

But how can that be so if you remember that too?

Maybe I can explain what I have seen in meditation

a young girl trying to understand life

I could feel her thoughts and her emotions

So different than the way I feel today

Perhaps I can talk about the charismatic robber

whom I saw like watching a movie, getting killed in the end

Everyone watching was happy to see him go

but not me, I wondered, why do I like him so much?

Maybe I should explain my grandmothers passing

how I knew exactly when she would leave, and show up next

This was such a comforting thing at the time

And it all seemed to happen, just as I was told

Or perhaps I should say be open to the possibilities

and be careful of what I say

I don’t want to see the men in white coats

arriving at my door


Craig Kimbrough