This Month’s Page from 30 Days of Metaphysics… These Bodies Are Like Clothes

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Our bodies are like clothes that we wear for various occasions.
Whatever the soul needs to experience and express determines the
body that is fashioned for its life. Just as certain attires are not
appropriate for a particular affair, a body that may be great for one
lesson or adventure may not be effective for another. Just as our
clothes get worn out, get tattered, and need mending, the same
happens to our clothing of the soul. So we must be careful how we
care for it. Just as we may really like one outfit but realize we
have to change clothes the next day. The same is true of this body,
for each life is but a day of the soul.

From the book 30 Day’s of Metaphysics and Miracles in Your life by Craig Kimbrough

As I share this month’s page, life seems much grander. Besides the fact that I need to take  care of my body at least well as I do my clothes (I really like clothes), I am also reminded that I am more than just this body and that “we are not just humans having occasional spiritual experiences, but rather spirits and souls having occasional human experiences.”

When I think of this, I find myself wanting to meditate more to move into more dreamlike experiences and visions of the soul.  I also think of my dreams at night and how wonderful they are.  And how they take place in other realms with me functioning in a different body, while I lay there in the bed, gaining all kinds of experiences and lessons.

Note:  Every month I will share a page from my book Thirty Days of Metaphysics and Miracles.  The idea is to read the page and incorporate it in your world by making it your message, seeing how it applies to what is currently going on in your life, and then living accordingly. Many who have tried doing this have reported astonishing results. People who have the book, randomly choose a page daily. For those who choose to participate, this is the page and main message for this month.

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough



Today’s Positive Thought (This life is just a day of the soul)

Our souls and our spirits are immortal. Our deeper selves have been and will be in existence for eons. This life that we live is just a day of the soul. How long that day may last depends on us and what we need to express and experience. Just as we have dreams at night and waken to the day, so does the soul have dreams in the form of life times and then awaken to its light of day. Think of how many dreams and awakenings we have had.

Sometimes we remember our dreams, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we can be dreaming and know that we are dreaming because we are somewhat awake. Some of us even have visions of the soul before and after this particular dream we find ourselves in. If we learn to meditate deeply, we can see all these things within.

From the book Wise Words 

By Craig Kimbrough

From Craig’s Journal (we can get peace, strength and back on track, through meditation)

I decided that I needed to talk to my guru Mr. Ambrister.  He made his transition about ten years ago, and at times I will see him in meditation or dream. These are cherished times that I appreciate and hold on to.  They remind me just how deep this life is.  Today was one of those mornings that I had the need to see him and know that he is still with me.  So when it was time to meditate, prior to repeating my mantra, I talked to Mr. Ambrister in my mind, just like he was in the room.

Within moments he was there with me, not in the room, we were at his house and then other places.   I could see him as I sat there with my eyes closed.  It was like I was in a dream and awake at the same time. The next thing I knew I was in a conversation with his teacher Dr. Thind, who was giving me some advice. Part of what I got from the conversation is that we are beyond time and space. You would think that I totally got that if I was talking to him, considering that he passed when I was about 2 years old, but what he was saying was so deep that I was just barely grasping it.  Shortly after that, I was with my teacher again, talking with him, first as I knew him as Mr. Ambrister, and then as he is now in a whole new situation.  I was with him there too in this new life and knew the role I was to play there with him.  It was pretty cool to see.

Here’s the thing.  I had a lot of things on my mind that I was quite concerned about before the meditation.  I had concerns both in my personal and business life that I must admit were beginning to get the best of me.  When I found myself with my teacher and his teacher, I did not get any direct answers as to what to do  about any of my problems.  At least not that I can remember.  But after being there and knowing once again that I am beyond time and space and that I have a special part to play in this life, all my problems seemed like nothing, and quite easy to move beyond.

Peace and Blessings


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