When You Are Serious (Today’s Poetry)

When you are serious about changing your life things will happen as if by magic New information comes to mind and answers show up from out of nowhere When you are ready for the new place you seem to have a brand

On Living The Incredible

There will be times that we get wonderful ideas and information that can ultimately change our lives and the lives of others.  These are high moments that show we are connected and truly blessed. When we live by and apply these thoughts

My Wonderful Journey (today’s poetry)

And then I saw how the people in my life were gifts, given to me to help shape who I am and who I am becoming. My grandmother, my grandfather, my family and friends up until this point, had all been gifts.

(Poetry) All I have to do is live my life like a movie

  All I have to do is live my life like a movie and be that character right here and right now All I have to do is live my life like a movie and remember the camera is on at all

Today’s Positive Poetry (On not striving and doing nothing.)

The ancients say that you can become master of the universe without striving. I say that everything you could wish for is already accomplished, this is the Heavenly moment. The ancients say that “I do nothing and the people are reformed”. I

And A Child Shall Lead Them To Paint On The Great Canvas Of Life.

I was walking into my youngest son Jordan’s bedroom.  He was sitting on his bed playing with his Trio building set.  He looked up at me and said “I am making something.”  I asked him, “what are you making?”  Jordan replied.  “I’m

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