Positive Poetry (This is no time for sleeping)

Sometimes it comes as just a hunch or a dream

Or someone telling us there’s something that we need to do

It can be in the daytime or the middle of the night

When it happens, often we are caught off guard


It can be very subtle

Like a secret message coming from on high

Other times we get this feeling

In that moment we know that we need to pay attention


At times it makes absolutely no sense

but does it really matter when strange knowledge comes?

These are the times we get that weird feeling

and for a just a minute, we know we are not alone


We may look around and wonder

“Just what is going on?

I can’t believe this is happening

And is happening just for me”


Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t

No don’t loose that feeling.  You are on the way home

Pay attention to that chill, and the way that you were feeling

Hold on tight to your message, and trust what comes


When the Universe speaks, this is no small thing

It’s your unknown destiny, the path to your dreams

Leading to wonderful things, or even saving your life!

Just which one it is, you might not yet know


A wonderful new business and an incredible way to serve

Or a change in course that avoids a terrible crash

A marvelous new adventure or the love of your life

This no time for sleeping, this is your chance



Craig Kimbrough

For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought (You have to empty your basket)

Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ften we feel that when we are on the spiritual path, we don’t get angry.  We’re just these extra nice people who never get angry and upset.  But we’re still human, and we’re still growing even when we are consciously on the spiritual path.  Even when we’ve learned how to meditate or go within, and come in contact with the eternal vibration, even if we are having deep experiences, we are still human.  At times we’re going to find ourselves in situations that make us angry and upset.  When we do find ourselves getting angry, or when our basket gets filled, we need to empty it.  We need to let it out rather than try to hold it in.  If we hold in our anger and suppress it, it will just build up until we explode, or it comes out in a much bigger way.

If we express ourselves and get it out early we can get back to our peaceful happy way of being.

Happy Face
Happy Face (Photo credit: Enokson)

Today’s Positive Thought (Recognize and move on your spiritual information)

If you are an inquisitive person and very sincere in wanting answers and information in your world, there will come times when you get what I call spiritual information.  When I speak on being very sincere in getting answers I mean that getting the answer must be so important that it means more to you than hanging on to old ideas, or fitting in, or being accepted.  Once again if you move into this place at any given point, you will have spiritual information come your way.

often when it comes, it comes in way that is very surprising and somewhat other worldly.  It may come in a dream but when it comes it really strikes you and makes you feel like the dream was real on some level and trying to tell you something.  The dream may even feel so good that the feeling is way beyond what would be your normal experience of feeling good. It may be that you get an idea, and right in the midst of this idea the whole world seems different.  You could be in a situation and all of a sudden, you feel like you are being told something.   What you are being told may come over the radio or be relayed in conversation by someone, but it seems as though it is talking directly to what is on your mind.  You may find that what you are going through at a given time might seem to tie into something else quite perfectly, and you can’t believe the way it fits together.  While all of this is happening it’s like you are there, but not there, perhaps like you are looking at the situation from afar. The world may even seem to slow down as the information comes your way.

These are times to take notice.  The Universe is getting your attention.  If you have had ideas or information come in such ways, think back and ask yourself  “did I move on them?  Did I act in light of this wonderful spiritual information?” If not, revisit and act.   Over the years I have learned that when such things happen the incredible sensations that come at the time are signs that we should really pay attention and realize we are viewing from a higher place.


Today’s Positive Thought and Reminder (work from the mystical state or your deeper mind and allow the answers to come)

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.
Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have something on your mind that needs working out, try to work from the mystical state.  Rather than trying to figure it out and get stressed out in the process, try to leave it with God, The Universe, and or your deeper mind, that positive place within that has the answers.  Tell yourself what you need worked out, remind yourself that it is already worked out, then meditate.  Let go of the problem and be prepared for the answer to just show up.  Also be happy knowing the answer will come.  The rest of the day do all you can to keep in a higher state of mind.  You can listen to uplifting talks or music.  Watch uplifting movies.  If you are a meditator, you can repeat your mantra throughout the day.  If you can truly let go and keep your mind on positive things, the answer will come.

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