Today’s Poetry. . . Rather than seek attention

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Rather than seek attention

I would like to be authentic and truly be free

and forget about the other characters

I just want to give and not look back

This is the way I prefer to be

to move with the universe and the peace that I seek

We must not get caught up in what they think

The supporting actors in our great movie


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog



Positive Thoughts for Bitsy’s family



From time to time people ask me to pray for them and their family.  What I usually will do is meditate on them and send positive thoughts their way.   I have found that this can be very powerful especially when it is done by more than just one person.

This time the request is coming from Bitsy my mom’s good friend in Tennessee.  Her family is going through a challenging time. One of the things we are hoping for is for her husband Mitchell who is sick and in  his nineties, be placed in the best possible nursing home for him and the family.

If you have a moment please join me in sending positive thoughts and wishes, and peace for Bitsy, Mitchell and the entire family.  Thank you



Today’s Positive Thought (It has happened many times before, the answer will come once again)

This morning I woke up with an issue on my mind.  I began to look for an answer to my perplexing problem.  What is the my next move?  What is the next step? I have to act soon.  Then I was reminded of times of success in the past.  Times in which I did not know the answer or even a clue.

I remembered to expect an answer. Decide that the answer will show up.    I decided not to look think or worry.  I will just talk to God and the Universe about it and let go.  I will Just keep my mind on God and the magic of the Universe all day and know the answer will come.  It has happened before.

Your answer can come from anywhere. a friend, a movie a lesson or book.  Meditate and repeat your mantra all day as you move about.  Know the answer will come.  It has happened many times before.