Today’s Positive Thought (There are always more lessons and reminders for a wonderful life)

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My six-year-old son Jordan is a wonderful boy.  There are many areas where he totally blows me away and I think he is truly a prodigy.  Then there are other areas where he is clearly struggling.  Sometimes during his struggles it may appear as though he is not even trying.  I am learning more and more that this is not the case.  Yesterday I took him to his swimming lessons and he once again was crying after putting his face in the water.  I could be wrong but at times it seems as though out of the many kids there, he is the only one crying.  I could see the instructor pushing him, making him put his face in the water even though he does not like it.  As I watch I can see that he keeps forgetting to hold his breath.

When I get home I am thinking about how fear seems to drive him at times, and I know it will be hard to get him to put his face in the water again.  At times he says “I will never put my face in again.”  After a long day, I go to sleep and he does also, along with the rest of the family that is home.  Early this morning I get up and meditate.   A little later this morning, while he is taking a bath, I hear Jordan crying from the other room.  When I go in to see what is wrong, he tells me he was practicing putting his face in the water.  Wow!  My boy is facing his fears and wants to learn.  I told him, “we will be practicing holding our breath, and knowing when we have let it out, for a couple of days, then we can try putting our face back in the water.

Lessons and Reminders:

Be patient with people

People are doing the best they know how, for where they are

My job is not to get discouraged, but to be my son’s coach, this goes for other people in my life as well

God has a way of letting me know things I need to know especially after I meditate


Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy! again)

Relax (Photo credit: THEfunkyman)

This morning I woke up thinking about my gutter cleaning and window cleaning business.  Over the last couple yeas I have added more services for our customers and it is obvious that if we keep moving forward in the same manner this year, we will not be able to handle all the business coming our way.  This presents a question for me.  How am I going to proceed further?    Will we slow down on providing the additional services and concentrate more on what has been the primary business? Or do we add more trucks and expand?

I decided I would open up my book Wise Words and expect the answer to be on the page I opened up to.  The page was titled “It’s Gonna Be Easy!”  As soon as I read the title of this page I felt so good.  Those words contain great history for me.

Often when I had some challenging situation before me my teacher Mr. Ambrister would tell me how wonderfully it was going to work out, even when it looked like there was no way it would.  Then he would say and Craig, It’s gonna be easy!  We would both bust out laughing, because there was no answer in sight.   He meant that I need to meditate and be open, and God will lead me and magically fix it all.  This proved to always be the case.  When I step up my meditations and my attention the deeper side of life things magically come together.

As I thought back on this I became very excited thinking about all the times my teacher was right about this, and how easy my life has been whenever I got centered.  I knew right away that my answer about my next business move will come and the situation will be perfectly handled.  All I have to do is focus more on my meditation teachings and the magic and beauty of the Universe.   And then,  it’s gonna be easy!

Think about whatever challenges you have going on in your life.  Then forget about the challenge and just get caught up in your spirituality, and signs that come your way.  If you can truly do this guess what?  It’s Gonna Be Easy!

Today’s Positive Thought (We Can Gain Clarity and Learn What We Already Know On A Deeper Level)

I had a dream this morning in which I was experiencing some lack.  I had to move back to a place where I thought I would never have to go back again .  Have you ever felt like you had graduated and moved past certain places, and ways of life?  Imagine having to go back.  In my dream I did just that.  I went back to live in a place that I once loved but thought I had moved way beyond.  In my dream I could no longer live where I live, or on the same income level that I live now.  In spite of this. I was some what happy, but I did have some concerns for the safety of myself and my family.

When I awakened from my dream I realized many things in a profound way.  I know that these realizations may not sound like anything new, but often we think we understand some things, and maybe we do.  And then something hits us and we see that yes we did understand before, but now we understand much more.  These are my realizations.

I need to be more humble and not ever judge anyone.  We are all doing the best we can with what we have and what we understand.

I must remember that all I have comes from God.  This includes all my ideas and hard work, all the opportunities and information I get.  At times I give myself way too much credit.

If I want to be a better instrument of the eternal, I must truly let go of how I am perceived.  I can’t worry about what anyone thinks of me as I carry out my missions.  After all, once again, I am simply someone who is striving to understand and be used by God in all areas of my life.  And the mission is what is truly important.

I am truly blessed and have been given so much.  My home, my wife, my family, my business, my health, my connection with the eternal, I could go on and on, I must appreciate all I have.


Today’s Positive Thought Don’t Sleep On The Morning Magic (A Poem from a member Morning Magic)


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English: Sun rising over Clydebank On a cold Winter morning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morning Magic

There’s a magic in the morning air,

before the sun comes out.

I feel it in the breaths I breath,

I sense it all about.

It lifts me up and carries me,

to places far beyond.

What I believed was real for me,

I realize I was wrong.

There’s so much more that’s out there,

It’s the God Force all around.

In everything I see and touch,

It’s deep within I’ve found.

I sense it in the early dawn,

It’s easier then to see.

The God-Force emanating out

from everything I see.

I’m grateful for the early dawn,

It helps me realize.

I can move beyond the worldly

limitations of disguise.

So thank You to the Morning Sun,

that starts to light the day.

And thanks for all the Magic,

that It gives to find my way.

Karen Kozak


Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy!)

Sailing Boats at Looe
Sailing Boats at Looe (Photo credit: jonl1973)

Today’s positive thought comes from the second book I wrote Wise Words To A Metaphysical Way of Being and Miracles in Your Life.  It is my reminder and message for today and I thought I would  share it with you.  

It’s Gonna Be Easy 

There would be many times when my teacher and I would be discussing something that I had to do which would appear difficult or sometimes even impossible to accomplish.  He would always explain to me that whatever needed to be done would be accomplished.  He would always conclude by saying, “And Craig, it’s gonna be easy”.

When he told me this, I would be reminded that the seemingly impossible is going to be easily accomplished once I meditate deeply, remain open-minded, and keep my mind on the higher things.  This higher way of practicing and understanding would allow God to work through me and the people in my world. Once we get our personal self out the way, the rest is always quite easy.

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