Today’s Poetry. . . Rather than seek attention

Rather than seek attention I would like to be authentic and truly be free and forget about the other characters I just

Today’s Positive Poetry…When you are on the wonderful path

When you are on the wonderful path, the world is truly a different place What once  looked impossible, magically works out, and

Be Free!

Moving into a style that I used long ago This style that I use it helped me to be free And freedom

Is my story going to be a great story or not? (a page from Craig’s Journal)

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to tell me to go to the churches and teach the ministers how to meditate. I seemed

Today’s Positive Thought and reminder (The secret of all secrets)

Krishna says “This is the secret of all secrets.  Lay down all duties and follow me and only me.” Dr. Thind said

Today’s Positive Reminder (“Nothing just happens everything happens just”)

I n life there are absolutely no coincidences.  Everything is happening exactly as it should be, precisely according to plan.  Quite often

Today’s Positive Poetry (On not striving and doing nothing.)

The ancients say that you can become master of the universe without striving. I say that everything you could wish for is

MeditativeZone and Positive Ambassador member Sujatha Sriram talks about renewing her life

    Permalink Reply by sujatha Sriram I am going to renew by rewiring my brain on being more open to the

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