The Power of Atmosphere (a reminder from my ten year old son) From Craig’s Journal


This morning I was talking with my ten year old son Jordan.  He was showing me the card he made for his mother for Mother’s Day.  He pulled out this very creatively decorated card and then proceeded to read it to me.  At the end he read “I love you Mom more than anything.”  It was truly a wonderful card and I hate to admit it but just for a second when he read that he loved her more than anything I thought to myself.  “Wow what about me?  Well second place isn’t that bad.”  It only ran through my mind for a flash of a second.  And I was careful not to let that fleeting thought show at all on my face, in that flash of a second.  But then he stopped and said “Dad, you know I love you and Mom equally.”  I was blown away.

I told him thank you and that I loved him very much too.  Then I told him, that was very thoughtful for him to say, and asked him where did he get that from.  Where did he hear someone say that phrase “I love you equally.”  He said from “Ricky, Dicky, Nicky, and Dawn.”  He said the names rather quickly, so I had to have him repeat it a few times.  I had no idea what this was.  He explained that it is a television show.  It turns out that it is a show about 10 year old quadruplets. who have nothing in common, are often fighting, but they must work together to solve everyday situations.   But what got me was that I was just thinking about how powerful atmosphere is in shaping children’s lives.  And I was thinking about it in relation to his growth spiritually.  This was confirmation to keep working on keeping him in the spiritual atmosphere.  For me this means having him around my meditation center and classes.  It also meant to keep having him watch movies that depict spirituality, meditation, and life lessons.

I did the same thing with my older kids.  I would take them to and show them any movie that had life lessons in them, or that depicted spirituality, having deeper connections and meditation, and then discuss the movies with them.  I would ask them questions to teach them to look for the lessons in the movie, and then ask “how does this relate to life?”  I do this with Jordan also.  As a matter of fact we see almost every kid movie that comes out and he tells me ahead of time the dates the films are coming out.  There are at least two out right now that we have to go see.

I also have to point out that we must do the same for ourselves.  Keep our mind in the higher atmosphere, flooding it with powerful messages in movies, books, blogs, and conversations.  These life lessons manifest and are reflected in how we adults think, dream, live and behave also.

Peace and Blessings

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Only make good deals, and you will find yourself in the best of situations (A Dream interpretation)

Question for Craig: I had a dream last night in which I was to be seated at a table with my Grandmother. My children were with me. I felt as though my Grandmother may oppose us being there with them, because we were of a lower class or caste. For a moment I felt bad and crunchy or somewhat inferior. I was telling my kids, “it is okay we are going to sit that table with them regardless of how they feel.” As I was coming out of the dream, I was thinking “My Grandmother would never feel that way about me. Why am I having this dream?”

When I woke up all I could think about was a job we had to do for one of my clients. I felt like I did not charge enough and was in a bad deal. Do you think this had anything to do with my dream?

Craig’s Answer: Yes absolutely. Our dreams reveal quite a bit about ourselves, and are often trying to teach us how to behave better in the future. The fact that your first thought was about this bad business deal says a lot. But the fact that this was your Grandmother in the dream also tells us that at times, you may place yourself in bad deals in your personal life also, where you struggle with feeling inferior. Not with your Grandmother. She was only a symbol. But perhaps in relationships with your wife and children, or with friends.

In the future, you must only make good deals in which you are feeling yourself valued. Doing this will change how you feel about yourself. You will be telling yourself and the Universe that you only deserve the best. The entire world will respond accordingly, and change how it responds to you. If you can do this, only make good deals, you will find yourself in the best of income situations, and personal relationships.

Today’s Positive Guru Application: Pay attention to how you deal with other people. All day long we are making deals. Only make good deals, being fair to the other party, but at the same time absolutely feel fair and good to you. Soon this will become a habit and you will be surprised at where you find yourself in business and in love.

Craig Kimbrough
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Today’s Positive Reminder (Do Not Caste Pearls Before Swine)



n the bible Jesus said, “Do not caste pearls before swine.”  We cannot share our precious ideas or our newly found spiritual growth with those who do not understand.  If you do, they will make your new reality not real for you.  They will pull you back down to their level or to where you were before you started to have these beautiful dreams and experiences.

We have to be careful with whom we share our dreams, spiritual lessons, and growth.  We only want to share them with like minded people or people who are positive minded and nurturing towards the area in which we are trying to grow.


From the book Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

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Today’s Positive Question (What time is it?)

In the movie A Good Year, Max’s uncle Henry answers the question “what is the secret to comedy?” His answer is, the timing. Throughout the movie this was a big part of Max’s lesson and gift even, to do the right thing at the right time.

In the Legend of Bagger Vance, the wonderful mystic caddie Bagger explains to Harvey Greeves that same shot will play differently depending on the time of day and how the grass is laying, and the sun is going to determine how the grass lies. “It’s going to lay one way in the morning the other way in the afternoon. One way in the morning and the other way in the afternoon.”

Bagger also spoke on a particular club that Rannulph Junuh wanted to play. It turned out to be incredible for a particular shot earlier that day. But now he had a shot to play that was similar, but still quite different. Bagger told him “there’s a time use that club and a time to keep it in the bag. Which one of those times do you think this is?” Rannulph who was caught up on ego at the moment, chose to use that club anyway.  He then totally messed up that particular shot.

Life is a lot like comedy the secret is in the timing.  The question we have to ask ourselves at any given time is, What time is it now?  Is it time to leave or time to stay.  Time to fight or time to or time to compromise? Is it time to expand or downsize and place our time and energy on new endeavors? Is it time to focus make haste and get paid or time to relax.  Is it time to use that driving iron or leave it in the bag?

If we can pay attention to how the grass is laying, we can know exactly how to play the shot. If we listen to God and the Universe when we are clearly being talked to, we can easily follow the signs.   Don’t think you are not being talked to.  If you pay attention you can hear the words and see the signs.  Sometimes they come as a suggestion, other times they show up in situations along the way, sometimes we may even have to ask “how do you want me to be in this situation. If we meditate and let go, the signs seem to show up more clearly.  We will know what to do when and act accordingly. ”

And now he assesses his upcoming shot.  He swings beautifully, the ball lands and rolls right into the hole.  And the crowd cheers.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Perhaps I am ready)

What is my next move?
Where do I go from here?
Where will I be most happy?

What does my destiny look like?
Where do you you want me to go?
Please talk to me and show me the way?

Can you show me in a dream?
Can you show me right now?
However you give it to me, I will be glad to receive it.

I will let go of my own thoughts,
let go of my own ideas.
I just need you to show me the way

I just want to be truly in touch.
I want to feel it at all times
I want to be at one

I want to be back in my place
I want to share the light,
give the light, be the light

This is what I want my life to be about
This is how I want to spend my days.
I let go of all else.
Perhaps I am ready

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought (Walk this earth like a king)

e are all Kings and Queens on the spiritual path. The problem is most of us don’t know it. When we walk this earth like the kings and queens we are and get good at it, the world responds accordingly.

As we advance and pay close attention to our lives we begin to see that we have fashioned our worlds by our thoughts, actions and expectations. So we only expect the best. Then we must act accordingly. Practice this often. You will be surprised at the results.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Ambassador Blog

Today’s Positive Metaphysical Thought (What does the person who is where you want to be look like?)

Forget about where you want to be and focus on who you want to be. What does the person who is where you want to be look like? How do they live their life? How would that person with those great attributes be living if they were suddenly placed in your world? Think about this and be honest with yourself. Pretend like you are that person, the new you, the possible you. Be that person right here, right now, in any and every way you can, in each and every moment you can. Practice this daily and you will find you are thoroughly enjoying your life, and that place you were trying to get to will magically show up.

Craig Kimbrough
for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought (we are all artists painting on the canvas of life)

In the book House of Happiness,Dr.Thind talks about two kinds of artists. One type has to have a person or landscape in front of them. Many of these artists are great and it takes a lot of skill to be able to put the picture on to canvas. And then he talks about artists who would meditate for weeks or months even, to be able to get a clear vision in their mind of what they are painting. And then they go to work.

We are all artists painting on the canvas of life. We can either look in the outside world and be inspired by a picture we want to paint and live our lives accordingly, adding or taking away what we may choose. And if we do this it may still take a certain clearing of the mind to paint the picture and live the way we would like. Or we can meditate and clear our mind until we can see the clear vision from the Universe in our minds of what it is we are to paint, and then live accordingly. In either case our job is to get busy and paint or sketch a masterpiece with our lives.

Today’s Positive Poetry (I give over here. I give over there)

I give over here I give over there

This is what the universe tells me to do

What I get back it really does not matter

I just have to follow the instructions

One day I was meditating and asking God

What to do about this and about that?

How do I get all these things that I want?

At the same time I was thanking God for taking care

of all these concerns, and to my surprise

I heard a voice coming in, like check this out

I give over here I give over there

It caught me off guard and truly blew my mind

Then all kinds of instructions came up how to make it happen

I thought to myself man what an answer

Craig Kimbrough

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