Today’s Positive Thought (Today is the day to become a spiritual scientist in a world of incredible possibilities)

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My teacher used to say “Don’t take my word for it.  I dare you to try it.”  He would also say that we have to become spiritual scientists and test these things out for ourselves.

Many people ask how did I get into the meditation.  A big part of it was through experimentation.  I wanted to know if the incredible things I was reading about were truly possible.  The first time I wanted to know if my subconscious could wake me up at any given time I chose without a clock down to the exact minute.  I read about this in a book.  I chose an odd time.  The first time it did not work.  I tried the next night to see if I would wake up at this odd time.   To my surprise I woke up at the exact unusual time for me, that I chose, down to the last-minute, 2:01 am.

The interesting thing was I did not do it on my own, my sisters cat came in my room and kept hitting me in the face until I woke up.  When I did I could not believe it,  it was the exact time I chose.  I said to myself,  “my deeper mind was deeper than I thought.  Not only am I connected to the time to but the whole world including Amber (my sisters cat), she got me up.”  After this, I was on a high, trying out meditation and testing for the incredible possibilities that I would hear about and read about.  These incredible possibilities proved to be real, some hard to even believe.  They have totally changed my life..

If there is something, some higher way of living that you say you believe is real, or want to believe works, be a spiritual scientist, test it out in your world.  “I dare you to try it.”


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