Truly At One

Stop worrying about what you can have and what you can get What you can maintain and can uphold How you will be looked at along the way Am I good enough? and Am I there yet? When you are afraid ask What can I give? Think about the Universe and how to be intouch Let go of the image

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Never Waste Time Worrying About Anything

This morning I found myself thinking about how many times I have gotten signs and help from the Universe.  There have been many.  So many, that my next thought was that I should never waste time worrying about anything.  I should just remain centered and watch how miraculously everything comes together. I believe this holds true for all of us. 

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All Is Divinely Placed

Today’s Thought…My life is a walk through Heaven. Everyone and everything is divinely placed in my world, helping me move deeper into growth, enjoyment and the life of my dreams. We must remember that everyone and everything in our life, whether seemingly bad or good, is happening for our benefit, if we can see it this way.  We just have

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The Marvelous Revolution (Today’s Poetry)

How can I find my true place if I waste time worrying about what others are doing? How can I share my vision with the world, If I compare myself to someone else? We can spend our whole lives chasing what we don’t really want And find ourselves wondering, “What is it really all about?” I have so much to

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Today’s Positive Thought (Sometimes we have to let go)

You have something you want to do or maybe somewhere you want to go.  It can be with your job, business or relationships.  Let’s say you really want to get there, but it is not happening as quickly as you would like.  I have learned time and time again that one of the best things you can do is to

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