A Wonderful Ashram On The Inner Planes (Today’s Poetry)

I have a wonderful Ashram on the inner planes

t sits on a hill and is shined on by the sun.

It stretches many miles like an ocean filled with wonderful souls.

It is where I live, where I share, where I grow in the light.

It is a home to many; in a region I can’t describe.

I have seen it in dream and travels within.

I have been told it is my ministry, I must take wherever I go.

Sometimes I forget just how great it is.

When I think of it I am reminded all is good right now.

When I am there, I see my teacher and all I have been taught.

When away I must remember I have so much to share.

We are light, we are one, we are peace we are love.

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Today’s Positive Thought (if you can lightly decide something is going to happen you will be surpised)


I was out working with my gutter and window business and it started to rain. It was pouring real hard. I don’t know, why but I told myself, “man it would be so cool if it stopped raining when I get to the peak of this roof.” I kept on walking, taking large steps, like I was enjoying being out there in this storm. Actually on some level I think I was. And then, to my surprise, just a few seconds later, when I got to the peak, it stopped raining. I could not believe it. I stood there trying to understand what happened. Then the sun came out and surprised me even more. The roof had a steam rising up off of it from the sunlight and the water. I sat down, there on top of the roof, tripping, trying to understand what happened.

This was just the first time I made it stop raining. I know it sounds crazy to say it that way, but you know what I mean.

I began to analyse what happened during such times. I came up with this. If you can lightly decide something is going to happen, not really care if it happens, not think about how it will happen, nor think about whether it will happen or not, not even think about it afterwards, and walk confidently in that direction of it happening, you may be surprised at the results.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought (“What Kind of Person Are You? Do You believe in signs and miracles or things just happen by chance?”)

Signs (film)

Signs (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Sunday I was sending out a lesson to the Enlightenment members of the MeditativeZone Community and it did not work.  For a moment this was frustrating because the lesson seemed to be the perfect lesson to go out.  The people who were there in person really liked the class and so did I.  But somehow I believe I must have erased it.  I don’t know.  I decided instead to send out an old lesson from years ago.  It became obvious from the response and letters that I received, that old lesson I sent as a substitute was truly the one meant to go out.  Below is a 3.5 minute glimpse version of this lesson.  I hope you enjoy it.