• The Marvelous Revolution

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    How can I find my true place if I waste time worrying about what others are doing?

    How can I share my vision with the world, If I compare myself to someone else?

    We can spend our whole lives chasing what we don’t really want

    And find ourselves wondering, “What is it really all about?”

    I have so much to do. How can I possibly get to it all?

    I can see it clearly when I remove what is in the way

    Getting that stuff out the way is the marvelous revolution we’ve been waiting on

    So I close my eyes and let go, to live out my true destiny


    Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru







  • Today’s Poetry. . . Rather than seek attention

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    Rather than seek attention

    I would like to be authentic and truly be free

    and forget about the other characters

    I just want to give and not look back

    This is the way I prefer to be

    to move with the universe and the peace that I seek

    We must not get caught up in what they think

    The supporting actors in our great movie


    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog



  • (Poetry) All I have to do is live my life like a movie


    All I have to do is live my life like a movie

    and be that character right here and right now

    All I have to do is live my life like a movie

    and remember the camera is on at all times

    All I have to do is live my life like a movie

    And choose the role I am meant to play

    All I have to do is live my life like a movie

    And see myself as that person I most want to be


    Be honest with yourself as to who you want to be

    Act like the hero has been thrown into your life

    What would he do in this situation?

    Meditate for more strength and more guidance

    Ask the Universe “what is my next move?”

    Convince the world, this is who you  are

    Method act to become who you really are

    Choose the role that goes with your talents


    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Poetry… Perfect ingredients for sort of a miracle


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    If I follow the Universe and stay connected

    I will have good fortune all of my days

    If I pay attention to the spiritual signs

    my life will be like a walk through Heaven

    Following the one and paying attention to the signs

    Go together because they are perfect ingredients

    Asking for guidance and being open

    Helps the Universe move into action

    What comes next is sort of a miracle

    Things come together as if by magic

    Answers show up and we are guided

    If we give up our ideas of how things have to be

    How do I know this is a wonderful dish?

    I have tried it many times and been blown away

    How will you know if this is true?

    Use the right ingredients and mix away


    Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog









  • Latest Meditation Question… How do you meditate and get centered during times of high stress?

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    Answer:  During times of stress it can be difficult to meditate for sure.  Maybe just prior to whatever is taking place in your world, you were able to sit down, meditate and feel good, blissful, and fulfilled.  You may have even noticed that that good feeling carried on into your world after the meditation, and made for a great day.  Now during the time of stress and difficulty, when you meditate, your mind just goes right back to the problem, and you may even be sad or angry before meditating and after.  You may even sit down for a minute and try to concentrate and find yourself saying “forget it, this is not working.”

    Here are a couple tips.

    1. Change your walking meditation.

    We are all meditating, or focusing on something, all day long.  If you are thinking about what you don’t like all day, when you sit down to meditate, your mind will still be focused on that.  So instead, throughout the day, think about and talk about the good in your world.  Or think about and talk about possible good.  Listen to and watch movies music etc. about good positive things, including people overcoming great challenges, maybe even miracles.  Such focus and thoughts are preparing you for great meditation sessions.

    2.  Remind yourself and convince yourself that meditation and higher thoughts truly make a difference.

    You can do this by talking to friends who meditate, about successes that seem to happen on account of meditation in the past.  You can also read material dealing with others accounts on the power of meditation. Be creative and consider it to be an experiment. You will find that the more you find ways to convince yourself that it works, the more you will be shocked by how much you want to meditate, and the incredible results that follow. Many times, I remind myself of times in the past when I stepped up my meditations and the incredible results that followed.

    If you try these two things, your meditations, and the results of your meditations should improve dramatically.

    Peace and Blessings

    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • Today’s Positive Poetry…When you are on the wonderful path

    Forest, Hiking, Trail, Away, Path, Moss

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    When you are on the wonderful path, the world is truly a different place

    What once  looked impossible, magically works out, and everyone asks, How do you do it?

    When you are on the wonderful path, answers show up from out of nowhere

    You think,” I need to know this, I need to know that”, and the whole Universe goes into action

    I don’t quite know how to explain it, you can see the harmony, and the harmony favors you

    When I think about it, I can barely feel my body, “this is so good, what comes next?”

    I don’t quite know how to explain it, everything you do becomes a mission from God

    On a mission from God, nothing can stop you, so you do what you must, and remain sincere

    Remind yourself, that you are in Heaven

    not next week, not tomorrow, but right here and now

    Remind yourself, that you are one with the Universe

    you give more than ever before, and things magically work out

    Tell yourself that this is the best day ever

    and be open to see the beauty, everywhere you go

    Think of yourself as on the great ferryboat, riding through Heaven

    Repeat your mantra and meditate all day long

    Craig Kimbrough

    For Positive Guru Blog


  • Latest Question for Craig “I like to think of my life as being easy. And I even think it is supposed to be. Is this a good idea?”

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    Craig ‘s answer: As you know my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to say “and Craig, its gonna be easy!”  And he would say this during the most difficult of times, quite often when things looked impossible.  And the crazy thing is, for the most part, that is how things have been.  Even the most impossible situations seemed to work out, and not just work out, but work out in ways that were astonishing.

    I can still remember, years ago when I was fighting for custody, to be able to have my children half the time.  The judge told my lawyer to tell me to give up. But instead, I meditated more, read more positive books, and I did everything my teacher told me to do. And I kept going to court. And to my surprise, everything just worked out.  Not only did I get to be with them, and raise them, half the time, but now some 15 plus years later, my first wife (their mother) and I get along great. And even more crazy, It was easy! Sure there were difficult times, but when I look back, it was all quite magical, and even easy. And this is just one of many situations, that looked difficult on the surface, but became easy.

    Now here is the trick. When we get centered, meditate, and flood our mind with the positive and spiritual, magical things just happen.  Money shows up, ideas come, and people miraculously change their minds. I have seen it happen time and time again, in my life and in my friends lives, in so many ways I could go on for days.

    Now I am not saying that life won’t give us great challenges.  The challenges make life interesting.  (No challenges, no miracles) But when we turn our attention to the higher path, and keep it there as much as possible.  We find ourselves at peace, and we see things work out, as if by magic.

    On another note… Expect the best and I’ll be the best. “In other words, tell yourself Its gonna be easy!” Believe it, and it will.


    Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

  • We just have to try to believe a little bit!


    We are all here for specific reasons.  There is much to do. We all have a potential that has us here. It’s just a matter of whether we are going to live up to that potential and be able to see it.

    We all have a connection that can give us the energy and direction. Sometimes we don’t have the energy to do the things that our  potential life calls for, but we have the potential inside of us.  We have the energy.  We just have to connect.

    We have to determine that we are going to connect.  If we determine that we are going to connect, no matter how far off it may seem, if it is important enough to us, we will connect.

    We just have to try to believe a little bit, in our goal, our dream, its possibility.  A lot of times we say, “if you believe and conceive you will achieve.”  We think that we have to believe it. But here is a secret. You don’t have to believe it.  You just have to try to believe it.  Just believe it a little bit. You don’t have to believe it all the way. So many times I have found, that when I just believed a little bit, and did not believe it all the way, I looked up and I was like wow! The impossible just happened.

    But we have to be willing to act on that belief.  If you kind of believe your answer will show up in a movie, go see it! act like you expect your answer to be on that screen, bring a pencil and pad, and enjoy.


    Craig Kimbrough

    For Positive Guru Blog

  • Be Free!

    Moving into a style
    that I used long ago

    This style that I use
    it helped me to be free

    And freedom is a subject
    that I don’t take lightly

    Oh how much
    do we want to be free?

    In order to be free
    I let go of who I am

    I stand on the mountain
    and soon forget my name

    I meditate deeply
    move with the cosmos

    so how can I care
    about what they think?

    I trust in the Universe
    and I trust in me

    I move on this trust
    every single day

    A new way of life
    Im happy to move into

    One small step
    One small step

    From the seventh floor
    I move back to ground level

    And I come back here
    with a brand new style

    I ask the higher place
    what to do next?

    I await like a panther
    about to make a leap

    So now my next move
    is not my next move

    But don’t even trip
    because it really is

    What we really want
    comes from within

    The question is
    do we really know this?

    Craig Kimbrough
    For Positive Guru Blog

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