More On Playing Thy Role Well (Another actors testimony)

Maurice Benard as Sonny and Laura Wright as Carly.

Maurice Benard as Sonny and Laura Wright as Carly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Oprah Winfrey in Denmark on 30 Septem...

Yesterday I saw an interesting interview with Jessie Eisenberg, who played Mark Zuckerberg in the movie The Social Network.  He was talking about a different movie he acted in.  He said that during the time period he was playing this part he noticed that as he went about his days and evenings off the set he found himself being so happy, much more than usual. At first he could not figure out why.  Then he thought about it and came to the conclusion it was because of the character he was playing this time.  Jessie said that this guy was extremely happy.  He then said “I need to look for more roles where I play happy characters.”

It reminded me of the time I saw Maurice Benard on the Oprah Winfrey show.  He plays Sonny Corinthos a mob boss on General Hospital, my favorite character on the show.  He has played this part every day for many years.   Maurice expressed to Oprah that he had to be careful, because he would sometimes start to believe he was Sonny.  He said just like his character, Sonny, he struggles with metal health issues, particularly if he is not taking his medicine.  He told a story about how once threatened to have someone killed, thinking he was the mob boss he plays on General Hospital.

Often actors will say that the characters get in their heads.  My question is what character is getting in your head? How are you acting? Or rather who are you telling yourself and the world that you are by the way you play your role? Do you take time to remember that you are playing a role right now?  Do you realize that every day you reinforce who you are by your playing?   Do you realize that you have a choice in your role you are to play?   Have you gone over what your movie is about?  Are you staying in contact with the great director?  If not maybe it is time to do so.  Play thy role well.

Today’s Positive Thought (Fulfill the need)

Portrait of Nat King Cole, New York, N.Y.

Portrait of Nat King Cole, New York, N.Y. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday a friend of mine told me a story about Nat King Cole.  He said he was a piano player who was one day asked to play particular song.  Nat King Cole began to play the song when the guy stopped him and told him “no I want you to sing it”.  Nat was not a singer, at least that is what he thought.  But little did he know this would be the beginning of a great singing career.  Nat King Cole could have easily said I don’t sing, but instead he decided to fill the need.


With my gutter cleaning business, people used to ask us for years if we did window cleaning.  I would always answer saying no.  One day I finally decided to give window cleaning a try.  Now probably one-fourth of the business is window cleaning.  It has been very good for the company.


Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg says that the secret to business is finding a need and fulfilling that need.  Sometimes we have to be open to the suggestions that come our way from our wold telling us the way in which to do it.  We must also remember that this is not just the secret to business, but a secret to success in all areas in life.  Pay attention to the ways in which the people in your world need to be served.