(Poetry) All I have to do is live my life like a movie


All I have to do is live my life like a movie

and be that character right here and right now

All I have to do is live my life like a movie

and remember the camera is on at all times

All I have to do is live my life like a movie

And choose the role I am meant to play

All I have to do is live my life like a movie

And see myself as that person I most want to be


Be honest with yourself as to who you want to be

Act like the hero has been thrown into your life

What would he do in this situation?

Meditate for more strength and more guidance

Ask the Universe “what is my next move?”

Convince the world, this is who you  are

Method act to become who you really are

Choose the role that goes with your talents


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Latest Question for Craig “I like to think of my life as being easy. And I even think it is supposed to be. Is this a good idea?”

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Craig ‘s answer: As you know my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to say “and Craig, its gonna be easy!”  And he would say this during the most difficult of times, quite often when things looked impossible.  And the crazy thing is, for the most part, that is how things have been.  Even the most impossible situations seemed to work out, and not just work out, but work out in ways that were astonishing.

I can still remember, years ago when I was fighting for custody, to be able to have my children half the time.  The judge told my lawyer to tell me to give up. But instead, I meditated more, read more positive books, and I did everything my teacher told me to do. And I kept going to court. And to my surprise, everything just worked out.  Not only did I get to be with them, and raise them, half the time, but now some 15 plus years later, my first wife (their mother) and I get along great. And even more crazy, It was easy! Sure there were difficult times, but when I look back, it was all quite magical, and even easy. And this is just one of many situations, that looked difficult on the surface, but became easy.

Now here is the trick. When we get centered, meditate, and flood our mind with the positive and spiritual, magical things just happen.  Money shows up, ideas come, and people miraculously change their minds. I have seen it happen time and time again, in my life and in my friends lives, in so many ways I could go on for days.

Now I am not saying that life won’t give us great challenges.  The challenges make life interesting.  (No challenges, no miracles) But when we turn our attention to the higher path, and keep it there as much as possible.  We find ourselves at peace, and we see things work out, as if by magic.

On another note… Expect the best and I’ll be the best. “In other words, tell yourself Its gonna be easy!” Believe it, and it will.


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

The Power of Atmosphere (a reminder from my ten year old son)


This morning I was talking with my ten year old son Jordan.  He was showing me the card he made for his mother for Mother’s Day.  He pulled out this very creatively decorated card and then proceeded to read it to me.  At the end he read “I love you Mom more than anything.”  It was truly a wonderful card and I hate to admit it but just for a second when he read that he loved her more than anything I thought to myself.  “Wow what about me?  Well second place isn’t that bad.”  It only ran through my mind for a flash of a second.  And I was careful not to let that fleeting thought show at all on my face, in that flash of a second.  But then he stopped and said “Dad, you know I love you and Mom equally.”  I was blown away.

I told him thank you and that I loved him very much too.  Then I told him, that was very thoughtful for him to say, and asked him where did he get that from.  Where did he hear someone say that phrase “I love you equally.”  He said from “Ricky, Dicky, Nicky, and Dawn.”  He said the names rather quickly, so I had to have him repeat it a few times.  I had no idea what this was.  He explained that it is a television show.  It turns out that it is a show about 10 year old quadruplets. who have nothing in common, are often fighting, but they must work together to solve everyday situations.   But what got me was that I was just thinking about how powerful atmosphere is in shaping children’s lives.  And I was thinking about it in relation to his growth spiritually.  This was confirmation to keep working on keeping him in the spiritual atmosphere.  For me this means having him around my meditation center and classes.  It also meant to keep having him watch movies that depict spirituality, meditation, and life lessons.

I did the same thing with my older kids.  I would take them to and show them any movie that had life lessons in them, or that depicted spirituality, having deeper connections and meditation, and then discuss the movies with them.  I would ask them questions to teach them to look for the lessons in the movie, and then ask “how does this relate to life?”  I do this with Jordan also.  As a matter of fact we see almost every kid movie that comes out and he tells me ahead of time the dates the films are coming out.  There are at least two out right now that we have to go see.

I also have to point out that we must do the same for ourselves.  Keep our mind in the higher atmosphere, flooding it with powerful messages in movies, books, blogs, and conversations.  These life lessons manifest and are reflected in how we adults think, dream, live and behave also.

Peace and Blessings

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog









Today’s Poetry (Something Told Me)


Something told me to go talk to my friend

When I got there it totally blew my mind

We talked about the deeper side of life

I was so glad I listened and made my way there

As we talked spiritual information flew around the room

I got many answers as to “what’s my next move?”

She got more information about spirituality and meditation

It was as though this moment was truly meant to be

I thanked God for my deciding to have an open mind

She did the same, time flew by and stood still

What can I say?  It was a spiritual event

I could see this more clearly as I took time and reflected


Positive Guru Application:  Pay attention to your intuitions and move on them.  Know that when things seem to line up magically, this is no coincidence, and be thankful for the beauty and magic you experience.  Take time to reflect and remain open minded.  If you live life this way you will be lead by God and The Universe.


Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog






The Positive Word For the Month (Compassion)


I decided to start choosing a positive word for the month.  The idea is to keep this word as my focus as I go about my days and then just be open and see what develops.  The word that came to me for this month is compassion.  I have to tell you that my experiences with compassion thus far during this month have truly been amazing. Just having the thought of being more compassionate has challenged me to exercise being this way in situations where I might not have before, especially when dealing with people who are bringing challenging behavior.  Somehow just having the word in the back of my mind as my part of my spiritual work out, has caused me to put myself in other peoples shoes, even when they may be mildly attacking me.   When I do this I find that I am at more peace with them and the whole world.  I can see the other party much more clearly than I would have otherwise.

Now here is the clincher.  Just the other day I wondered if I should share this word of the month on my blog each month or not.  I began to even wonder “is it really as powerful as it seems to be, or is it my imagination?”  Later in the day I was going to see the Peanuts movie again.  It was not by choice.  My wife wanted to see it with our son Jordan.  Jordan and I had already seen the movie and I fell asleep on much of it, and was not really too impressed.  But before going this time, my friends teasing me said “Go and enjoy it.  Look for something spiritual in it. Ha ha ha ”  Even as we joked, I was reminded that this is my way and what I am known for doing.  So I replied “yea that’s what I am going to do, look for the spiritual” When I saw the movie again I was amazed.  It was really good, quite spiritual with all kinds of insights.  And at the very end of the movie, at the culmination point, when Charlie asks. what was it that made,the new girl, his love interest, choose him.  She said “It was your compassion.”  She went on to give other reasons connected to it also, but at this moment all I could hear was the inner sound, Aum vibration, roaring, as I sat there barely feeling my body, saying to myself “wow the word of the month, compassion.  I have to share it.”

As you go through the rest of your month I invite you to invite the word, compassion, more into your focus and life as you move about your days.  If you have any stories or insights to share, please feel free to do so in the comments section of this post.  Peace and Blessings.

Craig Kimbrough For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (Change)

What do we do when we want our lives to change?
What do we do when we want our circumstances to be different?
Be different
What do we do when we want people in our lives to behave in a new way?
Behave in a new way
What do we do when we want our lives to be more exciting?
Be more exciting
How do we do these things for a whole new life on a whole new level?
Look for the good everywhere and step up our meditations

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Poetry (Is There AnotherLife?)


Is there another life somewhere
where you know you that you belong?

is there another place
where you know you are meant to be?

Are there other ways
that you know you should be living?

Ways that go along
with who you are in this other place?

Does this other life
seem like it is a million miles away?

So far from where you are
and never to be reached?

Do you feel like
your getting there is almost impossible?

Too many hurdles to jump
Too many mountains in the way?

But what if this place
is already in existence?

What if it is real and
you are right there enjoying this other life?

What if you could see it for a moment
and truly get a glimpse?

Of this life in this other realm
would it change your life today?

Would you then know it is real
and feel that you belong?

Would you know that it is just as real
as where you find yourself right now?

Would you do what it takes
to be in the new place?

That you saw in your dreams
and said “that’s how my life should be?”

if you decided that you have to be there

if you determined to apply the great secrets

Yes if you choose to your live
in the great way

And and walk the magical path
enjoying all your steps

Positive Guru Reminder: The great ones say that everything is everywhere always. This means that your highest good, your supreme happiness, your wonderful situation is in existence right now, whether you can see it and are experiencing it or not. So the idea meditate to be at peace enough to see it and to live like the person who belongs in that situation. Place yourself in the atmosphere that convinces you that it is real. If you can do these things, you will find your greatest dreams magically manifesting.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
Are you a positive Guru?