Today’s Positive Thought and reminder (The secret of all secrets)

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Krishna says “This is the secret of all secrets.  Lay down all duties and follow me and only me.”

Dr. Thind said “if I take my mind off God for a minute my whole body aches.”

Jesus said “seek ye first the kingdom, and all these things shall be added onto you.”

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister said “even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it just remember to repeat your mantra.”

Craig’s Thoughts:

Krishna says to” lay down all duties.”  Our duties are our cares, our worries, our concerns, even our hopes and dreams.  Krishna also says to “follow me and only me.” Krishna represents God and Heaven and to follow means to focus.  The idea is to forget about your problems and focus on the good.  Focus on the magic focus on the beauty.  Focus on the harmony.  Meditate and keep your mind on God.

Dr. Thind says if he takes his mind off God his whole body aches.  If he keeps his focus on the spiritual, he appears to be in Heaven and all is well.  If he forgets and places his attention on fears and worries hopes and dreams in no time all hell breaks loose.  The more we grow spiritually, the more we must have our mind on higher things.

Jesus says if we seek first the kingdom all will be added.  To seek is to focus.  To focus is to think.  Keep the eternal and Heaven in your mind at all times and then you can tend to the other things with what is most important in mind.  If you do this all will be added, your hopes, your dreams, your good, peace, happiness, you name it, it is yours.

Mr. Ambrister says “even if you need a million dollars go out and get it.”  In other words do not deny this world, your feelings and desires.  Live and get the experience.  He then says “just remember to repeat your mantra.”  Keep God and the mystical path in your mind at all times, as you move about in this world.  Keep your focus on the higher as you live this life.

I say all these great ones say the same thing in their own language.  Keep your mind on God, the magic of the Universe, and Heaven at all times.  Even in the midst of the problem, bring it back to God and the Universe.  Ask “What are you trying to tell me?  What do I need to learn?  How are you trying to get me to better see Heaven, right here,right now?” Tell yourself, “I know you have this taken care of as I move forward, even if I can’t see it yet.” Then meditate, repeat your mantra, and live your life


Today’s Positive Thought (“Abandon all dharmas or duties, and follow me and only me”)

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

In the Bhavagad Gita there is a passage where Khrisna tells Arjuna to “abandon all duties, and follow me and only me.”  Krishna is God in the form of a chariot rider and teacher speaking to Arjuna the student and great warrior.  Krishna also tells Arjuna that this is the secret of all secrets, a very high lesson indeed.  The idea is to keep your mind and attention on God, and place this above all cares and worries and obligations.  In other words we must keep our mind on God and the magic of the Universe, act in light of God and our lesson and let the chips fall where they may. 

How do we do this?  Meditate often.  Think of the magic of the Universe often.  Watch movies, read and listen to such material often.  Trust the signs from the Universe that come on account of this and move on them, even if they challenge your normal way of thinking.

Todays Positive Thought and Reminder (We Can Be Worshiping God and Meditating By Doing)

English: Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
English: Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I was reading a couple of pages out of the book Prabhupada. It is an interesting book that talks about how Prabhupada founded and ran the Hare Khrisna movement.  At one point it was talking about him worshiping God in the very early morning hours, by writing his books and answering questions from students.  I found it quite interesting that his writing and answering questions was considered part of his worshiping prayer and meditation.  It reminded me of, how often when I am writing, or teaching meditation classes, I will feel so stress free and peaceful, sometimes barely feeling my body, just like I am in deep meditation.  It is also a reminder that our worshiping is more than our prayers and meditations, but also woven into our acts when we keep God, The Universe and higher thoughts in mind.


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