A Positive Reminder and Poetry (When it comes)

Air takes place in a town modeled on Kami, Japan.

It may come in way that is very surprising and somewhat other worldly.

It may come in a dream, but when it comes it really strikes you, and makes you feel like the dream was real on some level, and trying to tell you something.

The dream may even feel so good that the feeling is way beyond what would be your normal experience of feeling good.

It may be that you get an idea, and right in the midst of this idea the whole world seems different.

You could be in a situation and all of a sudden, you feel like you are being told something.

What you are being told may come over the radio, or be relayed in conversation by someone, but it seems as though it is talking directly to what is on your mind.

It could be right in the middle of your conversation.  What the other person is saying so profound, that is seems like incredible knowledge form above and suddenly makes you see things in a new and different way.

You may feel totally different and comforted in the midst of great difficulty.

You may find that what you are going through at the time might seem to tie into something else, quite perfectly, and you can’t believe the way it fits together. It’s like you are being told something by the whole Universe.

While all of this is happening it’s like you are there, but not there, perhaps like you are looking at the situation from afar. The world may even seem to slow down as the information comes your way.

These are times to take notice.  The Universe is getting your attention.

Craig Kimbrough

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