Today’s Positive Thought (What is the story you are telling yourself?)

Several types of Cirrus clouds.
Several types of Cirrus clouds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you know it or not you are constantly telling yourself a story.  And whatever the story is that you are telling yourself greatly determines how you show up in this world.  Not only are you telling yourself this story, but you are also telling the outside world and the Universe this story.  If you can change the story you can change your life.  For example I watch a television show that has great story lines but it also shows anger and competition.  Not only does this particular show focus on this but as I watch it, I at times find myself getting angry while watching.  I may even find myself saying “he should just beat him down or if that was me I would do this.”  When this happens, I am telling myself that this is how the world is.  You have to watch your back, and if this happens to me, I will do this.  This becomes my story.  The Universe says “Oh this is what you would like, worry, enemies, and competition.  I will help you create a situation so you can live this out.”  When I see this happening I finally wise up and stop watching for a while and flood my world with more uplifting movies.

Here is another example.  You see something you like and you tell yourself “I can’t buy that.  It costs too much.”  You may also be telling yourself I would buy it if I had the money, but I can’t.  You have just told yourself a story about how you can’t afford such things, and the Universe responds.  But you can change your story.  I used to buy very expensive watches.  In recent times I have told myself that I have too many responsibilities to spend large amounts on a watch.  But here lately I changed my story.  I started looking at watches again and told myself I will only buy one if I see an expensive one that I like at an unbelievable price, like half off.  Then if I had the money at the time, and I mean a surplus, I would have no choice.  Little did I know I changed my story from I can’t buy those anymore. to if an incredible deal comes, I may have the money as a surplus and buy it.

Last week it happened.  A friend told me about a jewelry store that was moving and having a big sale.  I stopped in one day, just in case it was an incredible deal on a watch that I like.  I did not see much of a deal and began to walk out.  That is when one of the owners stopped me and my sales person and said “have you seen this one.”  It was a Montblanc, at one half off.  This was one of only two brands I had been looking at consistently off and on over the past three years.  You never, never see them at that price.  And guess what?  This year has been great with my business, and I had an unusual surplus.  I even talked to another watch store owner at a totally different store about the deal.  He could not believe it and at first even thought it was a fake until I told him the name of the store I saw it at.  He then said that they are too reputable to have a fake.  I ended up buying the watch.  And my situation totally fit the new story I told myself.  “I buy expensive ultra luxury watches from time to time.  I get them at incredible deals that fall in my lap.  When the incredible deal comes, it seems to come at just the right time when I have more money laying around than usual, so I don’t even miss the money leaving.”  I like that story.  And the Universe responds.


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