Today’s Positive Thought (Take Your Time But Make Haste)

Field visit in Punjab, India
Field visit in Punjab, India (Photo credit: CGIAR Climate)

Right now I have a lot of things I would like to see done or more complete.    I had been thinking in a mode that my teacher Mr. Ambrister used to share with me.  He used to say “make haste while the sun is still shinning.”  Well that is what I have been trying to do.   The problem is I want to do big things, I lot of big things, in a relatively short time.  Then this morning I opened up Wise Words, the second book I wrote years ago, looking for my message for today.  The page I opened up to randomly was page 48.  This is what it read.


ork on what you’re planning, but don’t get stressed out about it.  Do a little bit each day towards whatever you are working on.  The real making haste is the meditation.  When we meditate, when we get centered and contact our higher self, we get all sorts of ideas and information that would normally pass over us.  Also, we’re able to see the situation more completely within, enabling us to have more faith when we only see part of the picture outside.  At the same time we’re less attached to the outcome.  This allows us to attract the desired situation in our lives much quicker without us worrying about it not arriving or being controlled by it when does arrive.  Instead of repelling the situation with doubts and attachments, we attract the situation with more faith and non attachment by going within.

On the spiritual path, this making haste is most important, because it gets us more grounded in the spiritual regions, furthering our growth while dematerializing us. (It makes us more identified with our soul.)

Take Your Time But Make Haste


Craig Kimbrough

Wise Words

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