Today’s Positive Poetry (When The Traffic on the Road is Clear)

When the traffic on the road is clear, there are no cars in my way Having no obstructions, I arrive at my

Today’s Positive Thought (“To thyself be true”)

Whether we realize it or not we are all on the spiritual path of enlightenment.  We are all moving closer and closer

Today’s Positive Thought (Find your place under the sun and be there)

  G od created everything.  He made the sun, the moon, the earth, the people and the animals.  God also created the

Today’s Positive Thought (There are always more lessons and reminders for a wonderful life)

My six-year-old son Jordan is a wonderful boy.  There are many areas where he totally blows me away and I think he

Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy! again)

This morning I woke up thinking about my gutter cleaning and window cleaning business.  Over the last couple yeas I have added

Today’s Positive Thought (Is the Universe Trying To Get My Attention?)

Today’s Positive thought comes from my third book Walk This Earth Like a King. Are you currently going through a challenging situation?  Do you

Today’s Positive Thought (As we move further along we know what to do when and what comes first, second, third, and fourth in each situation)

As we meditate more and move further along the path, we know what to do when and what comes first, second, third,

Today’s Positive Thought (Take Your Time But Make Haste)

Right now I have a lot of things I would like to see done or more complete.    I had been thinking

Today’s Positive Thought (“and things will come your way”)

In the movie Under The Tuscan Sun there was a marvelous quote.  It says, “You have to live spherically in many directions and never

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