Today’s Positive Thought (We Can Gain Clarity and Learn What We Already Know On A Deeper Level)

I had a dream this morning in which I was experiencing some lack.  I had to move back to a place where I thought I would never have to go back again .  Have you ever felt like you had graduated and moved past certain places, and ways of life?  Imagine having to go back.  In my dream I did just that.  I went back to live in a place that I once loved but thought I had moved way beyond.  In my dream I could no longer live where I live, or on the same income level that I live now.  In spite of this. I was some what happy, but I did have some concerns for the safety of myself and my family.

When I awakened from my dream I realized many things in a profound way.  I know that these realizations may not sound like anything new, but often we think we understand some things, and maybe we do.  And then something hits us and we see that yes we did understand before, but now we understand much more.  These are my realizations.

I need to be more humble and not ever judge anyone.  We are all doing the best we can with what we have and what we understand.

I must remember that all I have comes from God.  This includes all my ideas and hard work, all the opportunities and information I get.  At times I give myself way too much credit.

If I want to be a better instrument of the eternal, I must truly let go of how I am perceived.  I can’t worry about what anyone thinks of me as I carry out my missions.  After all, once again, I am simply someone who is striving to understand and be used by God in all areas of my life.  And the mission is what is truly important.

I am truly blessed and have been given so much.  My home, my wife, my family, my business, my health, my connection with the eternal, I could go on and on, I must appreciate all I have.


Today’s Positive Thought (Recognize and move on your spiritual information)

If you are an inquisitive person and very sincere in wanting answers and information in your world, there will come times when you get what I call spiritual information.  When I speak on being very sincere in getting answers I mean that getting the answer must be so important that it means more to you than hanging on to old ideas, or fitting in, or being accepted.  Once again if you move into this place at any given point, you will have spiritual information come your way.

often when it comes, it comes in way that is very surprising and somewhat other worldly.  It may come in a dream but when it comes it really strikes you and makes you feel like the dream was real on some level and trying to tell you something.  The dream may even feel so good that the feeling is way beyond what would be your normal experience of feeling good. It may be that you get an idea, and right in the midst of this idea the whole world seems different.  You could be in a situation and all of a sudden, you feel like you are being told something.   What you are being told may come over the radio or be relayed in conversation by someone, but it seems as though it is talking directly to what is on your mind.  You may find that what you are going through at a given time might seem to tie into something else quite perfectly, and you can’t believe the way it fits together.  While all of this is happening it’s like you are there, but not there, perhaps like you are looking at the situation from afar. The world may even seem to slow down as the information comes your way.

These are times to take notice.  The Universe is getting your attention.  If you have had ideas or information come in such ways, think back and ask yourself  “did I move on them?  Did I act in light of this wonderful spiritual information?” If not, revisit and act.   Over the years I have learned that when such things happen the incredible sensations that come at the time are signs that we should really pay attention and realize we are viewing from a higher place.


Today’s Positive Thought (Change your focus to change your world, a dream interpretation)

Cover of "Waking Life"
Cover of Waking Life

A friend of mine had a dream in which he was in school along with his girlfriend.  When he was in school he knew he would have to leave but he did not have a car.  He had to ask for a ride for both himself and his girlfriend.  He did not like to have to ask for a ride for himself or for anyone else.  Before leaving he stopped in a teachers room and asked to use her rest room.  While he was in the restroom his girlfriend came in talking to the teacher complaining about him.  He thought “she complains all the time.  Does she ever talk well of me?”  Then he wakes up.

After talking with my friend asking him a few questions about his life and what’s new in his life, it came out that he has the same feeling about his live in girlfriend in his waking life.  He feels like she never sees enough of the good in him and is always complaining.  He was also just thinking the day before that she probably never has anything good to say about him when talking to her family and friends.  As we talked, I also asked him about his television viewing the previous day and if he saw any similarities in his dream.  He mentioned watching a movie in which a guy had to call for a ride for himself and his girlfriend.  He also mentioned that he thought just for a moment how he hates asking for rides, and this guy had to ask for a ride from far away, not just for him but for his new girlfriend too.

We both agreed that it seems as  though he recreated his feelings from the previous day, in the form of a dream. I also explained that the reason why it all happened in school is to make him aware that this is about getting the lesson.  Part of the lesson is to pay attention and remember how he feels about his girlfriend and the way she sees him, especially if it does not produce good feelings.  This could prompt him to make some changes in his life.  Another component of the lesson is that his dreams are no mere coincidence.  He duplicates his feelings and the thoughts he dwells on and creates this in the form of a dream.  The deeper lesson we must all learn is that we do the same with our lives, we attract and create our situations by our focus and how we think and feel.  “As a man thinketh so is he.” ” Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Want to change your dreams and ultimately your life?  Change your focus, your self talk and the situations you place yourself in.  The more you place yourself in an atmosphere, the more you show up in future similar atmospheres.


Remember The Great Sages Are Very Careful Of What They Say Because They Know That Everything They Say Comes True

Lotus flower
Lotus flower (Photo credit: wasoxygen)

Recently I was talking to someone giving some advice.  The advice was about being true to yourself and what you like, when choosing a mate.  At one point I explained why I made this a practice in the past, when I was single  and if I was not married with kids now this would truly be my practice.  As I spoke. I thought back on one time when I made a mistake and was not true to my personal liking and how I unnecessarily  hurt a woman’s feelings, trying to like her but all the while I knew she was not my type.

The next morning I woke up from a dream in which I was a single man with no kids in a totally different environment.  I started dating one woman partially because she was so nice.  The only problem was that she was not my type.  There was another woman who worked in the same building that liked me who I found myself much more interested in and attracted to.  All I could think about was “how can I get out of this situation, without hurting the one who I started dating and is there any way I can date the woman who I am truly interested in?”  As I came from one reality of the dream into the reality of this life still feeling bad, experiencing the emotions of the dream, what ran through my mind was “The great sages are very careful about what the say because they know that everything they say comes true.”  I was reminded that when I was giving the advice I should not have said what I would do in that situation unless I planned on living through it in some way.

Be true to yourself and only speak on and think on what you would like to see happen.



This Weeks Question on Meditation and Metaphysics (Which one is it, a self fulfilling prophesy or a premonition of things to come?)

This weeks question comes from a meditative community member in Finland.

“I had a day-dream that a family member was going to try to get me to make up with another family member who did some underhanded things towards me.  I also felt very strongly that the one family member was going to ask me to do a huge favor for the one I have problems with.  This favor would really be tough on me and a great sacrifice.”

A few days later, I was invited to a dinner by the same peace-making family member in my daydream.  I am also confident that the one I had problems with would be there.   Do you think that somehow I made this situation occur by my thoughts and feelings, or do you think it was a premonition of things to come? Which one is it?

Craig’s answer.  It is probably both.  We are always creating our whole world so that we can get the growth and lessons out of the situation.  The main thing that sticks out is, that you have been warned by God, your deeper self and the Universe what is coming your way.  Trust it and be prepared as to how you are going to handle the situation.  As we progress spiritually, we are often prepared for situations in advance.  Our job and lesson is to take heed and act in light of the information that we have been given.

Dreams, Visions,and Ideas To Move On

Shrine at Kurama Temple
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It is said that the second Dalai Lama had repeated dreams and visions of a mystic lake and a monastery that he would build near it.  He later built Chokhor Gyal Monastery near the Lhamoi Latso Lake also known as the Lake of Visions.  His building this structure and his great work he did at the monastery was prophesied by many great masters of the past.

My teacher Mr. Ambrister saw a beautiful church in a vision many years ago.  He gave me a great picture of this place.  He explained how when the people dined, the food came out on conveyor belts with gold plates and silverware.  He felt that he had to build this place.  Unfortunately, life got complicated and he never got around to it.  Some years later, he traveled to Chicago and saw that someone had just recently built the same place he saw in his vision, years before it’s creation.

With my gutter cleaning business, I could see it before it came about.  The funny thing is, there was no such thing at the time.  The work was done by gutter installation companies or painters.  There was no businesses devoted primarily to cleaning out gutters, at least not in Metro Detroit.  I used to say as I rode through the more affluent areas, that I would have customers on every street I pass one day.  The idea sounded a bit off, but years later it came to pass.

When I closed my bookstore and meditation center, my teacher told me that my next place would be on the internet.  At first I could not see it.  I began to look for a place to teach again, but was having trouble finding a place that suited my needs.   After a while I began to have dreams and visions of such a place on the internet, like my teacher prophesied.  A year later, I built a website.  To my surprise, the following year, I taught thousands of people in over 39 countries how to meditate.

I personally have some more recent dreams and visions that I know I need to move on.  Sometimes I wonder what am I waiting on?  As I think about this, I am reminded that these dreams, visions, and ideas, are sent to us by God and The Universe.  They are meant to come about and will not wait on us for their arrival.  If we feel we want to be a part of the vision and adventure, we must get busy and move.  If we don’t know what direction to take, we must be open, meditate, pray, and ask for more direction.  Then we have to take the risk and move.  One more note.  We are all lamas, mystics and visionaries in the making.  We all have an intelligence within that will reveal our next move if we can trust and remain open.

Now how about you?  Do you have any dreams and visions you need to move on?  Do you feel you need one to come your way?  What is your next vision to move on?  Feel free to comment below.



What Gives You Life? (From Craig’s Dream Book)

Sailing free smyrnan
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Last night, into this morning, I was beginning to slip.  I was getting down and loosing my enthusiasm.  I was not excited about life.  This happens from time to time, and for me it is an agonizing thing.  I am the type of person who always has to be excited with something I am looking forward to.  I must have a quest or adventure.  For me, it also helps if I can see part of the mystery of The Universe along the way. Along with my adventure. I need to feel my connection and oneness with the Universe.  A few hours or a day of not having this will tear me apart.  As I said.  I was beginning to slip.  I went to bed early, feeling like something was missing.

This morning I awakened to my 5-year-old son Jordan coming in the room.  As I walked him back to his room he told me “I had a dream it was my sister’s birthday.”  I asked him which sister, because he has two, Mylan and Taylor.  He said “my sister Taylor.”  I was surprised.  This was the first time Jordan has shared a dream with me that was not a rare nightmare, him being 5 and all.  I proceeded to ask him a question or two, but all I got was it was her birthday and she had a party.

I walked away thinking, once again, that “here lately everybody seems to be telling me about their dreams.  Now, even people in my life who don’t know that I interpret dreams are talking to me about them.”  Then I began to think about my book I am writing on dreams.  My next thought was “what time is it?  I really want to go back to bed.”  I looked at the clock.  It was 5:40 A.M.  Then I went to the bathroom.  I thought “man would it be cool if I got a miracle and the time changed to 4:40 giving me another hour before my early morning reflection time.”  Then I thought “that would be a super miracle, to happen again.” When I went into the other room it was 5:43.  No super miracle for me.  Now I was debating once again “do I go back to sleep or get up, meditate, write and reflect?”  I chose to sleep until 6:30 and still have 30 minutes of free time before getting Jordan ready for school.  When I laid down, all I could think about was Jordan’s dream.  “Why did he tell me about it?”  It felt like it was meant to be for a reason.  There was not much to interpret.  Then a thought hit me “what if it was not about interpreting his dream for him?  What if it was about how it related to me getting up and writing more in my book about dreams?  What if his dream came into my world, my waking dream, as a sign for me?  What if it came in my life to remind me that” “this is what you are supposed to be doing Dad?  It’s already past 5:30.”  As I thought about all of this, my life felt very dreamlike and connected.  I opened up my manuscript to another book I am working on that I open up randomly every morning to get my message for the day.  It was relating a story about how my sister’s cat woke me up at the exact time I needed years ago.  I elaborated on the story and then thought “this is the same thing that happened with Jordan this morning.  I didn’t need an alarm clock to get me up.  My 5-year-old son came and got me, practically saying “Dad it’s time to get up.  You know I had a dream last night.  Aren’t you supposed to be writing about such things at this moment?”  As I thought about all of this, I felt so alive. I knew it was because I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, meditating, writing and reflecting first thing in the morning. I was back in my place.  Later this morning, I was reminded about the principal message in the movie Hugo, which I happened to see yesterday.  That message is, we must do what we are meant to do with our lives.  If I try to stop even for half a day, I feel like I am dying.  Think about it.  What gives you life?

Thank you for reading

Craig Kimbrough

A Question, A Dream, An Answer, A Challenge

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I kept finding myself in the same place with the same people over and over.  Each time I was extremely happy and felt so good that my breathing itself was pure bliss.  The interesting thing is that in this dream I was just living normal life doing normal things, but the feeling I was getting each time I showed up was so good I found myself consciously deciding to go back to the dream over and over again to have that feeling one more time.

When I woke up I was feeling so good and so happy I began to ask myself, “What was that all about?” Then as if by some magic knowing, the answer popped right into my mind.  Earlier, just the evening before I had asked a question.  The question was “What would my life be like if i stepped up my meditations.  Is it possible to transform my whole life, just by meditating more?”  of course, I already had the answer to this question.  I have seen my life changed on account of meditation time and time again.  But sometimes we forget, we remember, but in our soul we don’t feel it at the moment.  These are the times we need a new experience to jump-start us once again.  As I laid there, thinking about my dream, I realized this dream was my incredible answer. Yes stepping up my meditation will totally transform my life.  I was actually placed in a world where I was having that experience. In my dream I was the same person doing the same things but life was totally different and the feeling I had about my life was incredible.  It was like the ghost of Christmas future, but this was a positive wonderful future showing me what it would be like if I did what I was asking the night before.  I was being told that this is how your life can be and by golly I felt it.

Now if you know me, you already know my life is great just the way it is.  But life is about growth and change and we are always being challenged to grow more, to live more, on higher, more positive and spiritual levels.  If we are open to what is trying to come our way, we will make the change and experience what comes along with it.  Me asking the question was me being open.   The dream was my  answer and my challenge.  If I think back on it often and remain motivated to put it to the test I will naturally move onto the next level.

Thank you for reading,

Craig Kimbrough

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