Poetry (Is There AnotherLife?)


Is there another life somewhere
where you know you that you belong?

is there another place
where you know you are meant to be?

Are there other ways
that you know you should be living?

Ways that go along
with who you are in this other place?

Does this other life
seem like it is a million miles away?

So far from where you are
and never to be reached?

Do you feel like
your getting there is almost impossible?

Too many hurdles to jump
Too many mountains in the way?

But what if this place
is already in existence?

What if it is real and
you are right there enjoying this other life?

What if you could see it for a moment
and truly get a glimpse?

Of this life in this other realm
would it change your life today?

Would you then know it is real
and feel that you belong?

Would you know that it is just as real
as where you find yourself right now?

Would you do what it takes
to be in the new place?

That you saw in your dreams
and said “that’s how my life should be?”

if you decided that you have to be there

if you determined to apply the great secrets

Yes if you choose to your live
in the great way

And and walk the magical path
enjoying all your steps

Positive Guru Reminder: The great ones say that everything is everywhere always. This means that your highest good, your supreme happiness, your wonderful situation is in existence right now, whether you can see it and are experiencing it or not. So the idea is to meditate to be at peace enough to see it and to live like the person who belongs in that situation. Place yourself in the atmosphere that convinces you that it is real. If you can do these things, you will find your greatest dreams magically manifesting.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
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Today’s Poetry (As I Sat There Analyzing)


As I sat there analyzing my dream
I could see it was built upon thoughts of the previous day
My words thoughts and actions came back to life
And I would not even see this if I thought it was all by chance

Realizing the harmony it was so amazing
As I live my life I create all the time
Whole new worlds that I travel into
Complete with new scenery in my dreams at night

So I asked myself what about this dream?
Where does it come from? From where is it built?
Is it any different from the ones I dream at night?
Or is this the night and those dreams the day?

In a flash of strange knowledge, I was told it’s the same
This day is a dream I myself have built
Based on thoughts and actions from the previous day
And the dreams that I have, when I sleep at night

Positive Guru Application
: Pay attention to your focus. Keep your mind in a positive atmosphere. Your focus determines your actions and your thoughts, which also determine where you find yourself next.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
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Only make good deals, and you will find yourself in the best of situations (A Dream interpretation)

Question for Craig: I had a dream last night in which I was to be seated at a table with my Grandmother. My children were with me. I felt as though my Grandmother may oppose us being there with them, because we were of a lower class or caste. For a moment I felt bad and crunchy or somewhat inferior. I was telling my kids, “it is okay we are going to sit that table with them regardless of how they feel.” As I was coming out of the dream, I was thinking “My Grandmother would never feel that way about me. Why am I having this dream?”

When I woke up all I could think about was a job we had to do for one of my clients. I felt like I did not charge enough and was in a bad deal. Do you think this had anything to do with my dream?

Craig’s Answer: Yes absolutely. Our dreams reveal quite a bit about ourselves, and are often trying to teach us how to behave better in the future. The fact that your first thought was about this bad business deal says a lot. But the fact that this was your Grandmother in the dream also tells us that at times, you may place yourself in bad deals in your personal life also, where you struggle with feeling inferior. Not with your Grandmother. She was only a symbol. But perhaps in relationships with your wife and children, or with friends.

In the future, you must only make good deals in which you are feeling yourself valued. Doing this will change how you feel about yourself. You will be telling yourself and the Universe that you only deserve the best. The entire world will respond accordingly, and change how it responds to you. If you can do this, only make good deals, you will find yourself in the best of income situations, and personal relationships.

Today’s Positive Guru Application: Pay attention to how you deal with other people. All day long we are making deals. Only make good deals, being fair to the other party, but at the same time absolutely feel fair and good to you. Soon this will become a habit and you will be surprised at where you find yourself in business and in love.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
Are you a Positive Guru?

The Art of Dreaming Part 1

It is said that Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity in a dream.

In the movie The Wind Rises, the main character gets his ideas for engineering design from dream. He would actually go into a dream hoping to get answers.

We can learn to do the same thing in our lives, ask to receive information that we need from our higher self just prior to going to sleep, and get the answers from our dream. We can then live our lives accordingly.

Application: Just before going to sleep, think of something that you would like an answer to or more clarification on in your life. The more complicated the problem at hand the better. Ask your higher self, God or the Universe to reveal the answer to you in a dream. Upon awakening try not to let your feet hit the floor until you stop to recall your dream. Then pay attention to how it relates to your question posed the night before.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog


Today’s Poetry (I love this time of the day!)

I woke up this morning
remembering three dreams

I sat there
and pondered all three

I found beautiful meanings
in each one

bringing me back to remembering
how we create our lives

I felt so alive
unraveling the mystery

I asked for answers
and they unfolded

I discovered new directions
in which to travel

I love this time
of the day!

Today’s Application: Tomorrow remember to take notice of be thankful of and use the early morning time for meditation and reflection, even if you have to wake up a a few minutes to a half hour earlier, it is well worth it.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

More on being a king or queen in Heaven (A dream interpretation from Craig’s Journal)

I was getting off the yellow school bus and the feeling I had, was so good, it was unbelievable. I felt like pure bliss as I got off talking to my friends. As this was happening I somehow knew I was in a dream. I began to say to myself, “I know this feeling. I feel magically in touch with the Universe like I am in the field, one with everything. Why do I feel so good?

Then I found myself just beginning to get some understanding. “This feeling means I am getting the lesson. But what is the lesson? I was also remembering another dream while thinking about this, while still in this dream. In the other dream I was in school struggling and feeling lost. But not this time it was the opposite, and the sequel to the other dream. I felt like nothing can touch me, like life is incredibly good and I am one with the source of all good. What is the difference here? I have obviously gotten the lesson, but what is the lesson?” Then I continued to see myself getting off the bus feeling incredibly good as I heard a voice in the background saying, “remember you are a king in Heaven the place of your highest good and things are working out in ways that you can’t even see at this moment, and it’s gonna be easy.” It was a quote from my latest book and my lesson to remember as I go through the rest of my life.

My job in life is to remember this higher truth, and live and act accordingly, no matter what challenging lesson or test may come about. When I remember that I am a king, in Heaven, the place of my highest good and things are working out in ways that I can’t even see at this moment, I will be a master student totally enjoying this school of life. And to my wonderful surprise. Whatever it is that it is going on that needs to be taken care of at the time will be taken care of and it will be quite easy.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Bidging the Gap (The more we go within… and The Wind Rises )


The more we go within and become accustomed to the realities of the other world, the more we begin to understand that this is where everything comes from. We also realize this is the most beautiful sight a person can see. But it takes time and time again, going within and actually seeing these other worlds to have a clear vision.

Form the book What if My Soul is Eternal and Heaven is Everywhere
By Craig Kimbrough

In the wonderful movie The Wind Rises Jiro Horikoshi, the Japanese aviator engineer, would get ideas and information from dreams and visions. He would meet up with a mentor in this other world and talk to and learn from him also. After coming out of a dream he would go back to the drawing board to work on his planes. Quite often he would not be able to get the plane the way it was in the dreams right away. But he would keep going back into the dream state over and over again until he could see and understand flight more clearly.

This is how we have to be on the spiritual and meditation path. We must keep going back to the source both in dream and meditation to understand deeper and deeper how we must be in this world, and better understand all of the wonders we find within.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Poetry (The banquet of light)

There I was at a most beautiful banquet
surrounded and infused by magnificent light

All the chairs, the tables and the people
were part of this great golden light

When newcomers arrived, I loved to explain
that this is their true essence

I was at this banquet and other places
both at the same time

The feeling that I had was so wonderful
It was difficult to imagine leaving

Everyone was staying for quite a while
yet I wondered “will I stay or will I go”

In the meantime I heard it said
that I will soon be departing

“You must live, you must live, with more knowledge
of the incredible light”

Next I was sitting trying to remember
everything I could of this magical banquet

I remember the sound of the Aum vibration
ringing so loudly the whole time I was there

I remember my questions before meditation
and how much I needed to share upon my return

“What do we embrace
when we have to leave this earth?

We embrace the light, we embrace the love
and all the magic of the new realm

How will I express
my greatest passion in life?”

Remember what you have experienced
and what you have to give

What do I have to give
is it the knowledge of our true essence?

Just like at the banquet
will I speak of the light?

Now with all my answers
I speak into my recorder

“There I was at the most beautiful banquet
surrounded by magnificent light

By Craig Kimbrough and Meditatiave Zone
For Positive Ambassador Blog

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