Today’s Positive Reminder. . . Pay Attention to the divine in you (Craig answers a question on a dream)

Reach out for the skies

Question:  I had a dream in which I found myself walking outside of my friend’s house and getting shot.  I didn’t just get shot.  I got shot a whole bunch of times.  What do you think this means?

Craig:  Are you still hanging out with that rough crowd here and there?

Questioner:  Yea actually I was with them at the time and whenever I have dreams like this, I am always with them.

Craig’s answer:  You are being shown a future possibility.  The future is not carved out in stone, it often depends on if we go in this direction or that direction as to which future time space event you will find yourself in during this waking experience.  You were being shown what will happen if you continue to hang out with that group.

Since you have been meditating you have been being spiritually cleaned up.  Your higher self and God within, is working on you, trying to get you to take heed and move in a different direction.  You have come a long way already, but now it is time to make the tough choices and move further.  Your life depends on it.  Do not take this lightly.  When your higher self speaks and gives such information in dream, pay attention.

Remember this is only a future possibility, if you shy away from this group, you will not have this experience.  You will move into an entirely different future with much more pleasant outcomes.

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