Messages from dreams for the new year (From Craig’s Jounal)


I had a dream last night about a friend of mine who expressed anger and resentment towards me some time ago. We have not talked since. In the dream the friend was trying to call me but could not get through. So he tried calling my wife, trying to reach me and I got very upset. Then I woke up.

When I awakened I could not believe that I had this dream, and reacted in this way in the dream. I reacted just like he did in this waking dream, with anger and resentment. I had another dream the same night where I was in a fearful situation. When I awakened from this dream, once again I was surprised. I was surprised because my dreams are not usually of this nature.

Upon reflection, these dreams told me that I am still holding on to some things in my world that I need to let go of. It also told me that I am in some way focusing on things that I don’t want to occur and now having them show up in my dreams. So for 2016, I choose to let go of fears, anger and resentments, as I move forward into this world with more peace and love. I will remind myself of this more as I step up my meditations, and focus on the good in my world.

Craig Kimbrough
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Today’s Poetry (As I Sat There Analyzing)


As I sat there analyzing my dream
I could see it was built upon thoughts of the previous day
My words thoughts and actions came back to life
And I would not even see this if I thought it was all by chance

Realizing the harmony it was so amazing
As I live my life I create all the time
Whole new worlds that I travel into
Complete with new scenery in my dreams at night

So I asked myself what about this dream?
Where does it come from? From where is it built?
Is it any different from the ones I dream at night?
Or is this the night and those dreams the day?

In a flash of strange knowledge, I was told it’s the same
This day is a dream I myself have built
Based on thoughts and actions from the previous day
And the dreams that I have, when I sleep at night

Positive Guru Application
: Pay attention to your focus. Keep your mind in a positive atmosphere. Your focus determines your actions and your thoughts, which also determine where you find yourself next.

Craig Kimbrough
For Positive Guru Blog
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Today’s Positive Thought (Change your focus to change your world, a dream interpretation)

Cover of "Waking Life"
Cover of Waking Life

A friend of mine had a dream in which he was in school along with his girlfriend.  When he was in school he knew he would have to leave but he did not have a car.  He had to ask for a ride for both himself and his girlfriend.  He did not like to have to ask for a ride for himself or for anyone else.  Before leaving he stopped in a teachers room and asked to use her rest room.  While he was in the restroom his girlfriend came in talking to the teacher complaining about him.  He thought “she complains all the time.  Does she ever talk well of me?”  Then he wakes up.

After talking with my friend asking him a few questions about his life and what’s new in his life, it came out that he has the same feeling about his live in girlfriend in his waking life.  He feels like she never sees enough of the good in him and is always complaining.  He was also just thinking the day before that she probably never has anything good to say about him when talking to her family and friends.  As we talked, I also asked him about his television viewing the previous day and if he saw any similarities in his dream.  He mentioned watching a movie in which a guy had to call for a ride for himself and his girlfriend.  He also mentioned that he thought just for a moment how he hates asking for rides, and this guy had to ask for a ride from far away, not just for him but for his new girlfriend too.

We both agreed that it seems as  though he recreated his feelings from the previous day, in the form of a dream. I also explained that the reason why it all happened in school is to make him aware that this is about getting the lesson.  Part of the lesson is to pay attention and remember how he feels about his girlfriend and the way she sees him, especially if it does not produce good feelings.  This could prompt him to make some changes in his life.  Another component of the lesson is that his dreams are no mere coincidence.  He duplicates his feelings and the thoughts he dwells on and creates this in the form of a dream.  The deeper lesson we must all learn is that we do the same with our lives, we attract and create our situations by our focus and how we think and feel.  “As a man thinketh so is he.” ” Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Want to change your dreams and ultimately your life?  Change your focus, your self talk and the situations you place yourself in.  The more you place yourself in an atmosphere, the more you show up in future similar atmospheres.


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