The More I Meditate The More I Am Connected. Why Would I Look For Anything Else? (Poetry)

Truly At One

Stop worrying about what you can have and what you can get What you can maintain and can uphold How you will be looked at along the way Am I good enough? and Am I there yet? When you are afraid ask

Today’s Positive Reminder (You can never get spiritual by denying yourself the things of this world.)

M any times people think that in order to be spiritual they have to deny themselves of certain things that they are wanting in life.  Many times we find ourselves trying to run away from the world and avoid the things that

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Perhaps I am ready)

What is my next move? Where do I go from here? Where will I be most happy? What does my destiny look like? Where do you you want me to go? Please talk to me and show me the way? Can you

Today’s Positive Poetry (Something you want to have happen)

You have something you want to see happen The question is can you simply allow it to come into being? Simply allowing your dream to come true is not giving up on your dream It is truly the fastest way to see

Today’s Positive Poetry and Question (Are you going to pay attention?)

If you pay attention to the signs there will be no question where to go If you choose to be open magical signs will simply just appear When the signs come know that this is your route through Heaven If you choose

Today’s Positive Poetry (On letting go and winning the game)

“How do you let go of the results while going after what you want? They say this is a secret to many good things” “Letting go of what happens next is the key to freedom and what makes everything you want magically

Today’s thought and poetry (Needing no thing from no one)

Needing no thing from no one, and trusting that the Universe will provide, I can enjoy my trip around the world How can I have a care in the world when the Universe gives me everything I need? When you don’t need

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