The More I Meditate The More I Am Connected. Why Would I Look For Anything Else? (Poetry)

The more I meditate the more I am at one.

The more I focus the more I am at peace.

The more I go within the more I am connected.

The more I contemplate the more beautiful the world.

Why do I meditate? To know which way to go.

Where do I go? Where the great light tells me.

What proves my connection? The magical ways things come together.

Who is my best friend? The one who orchestrates it all.

So maybe I should meditate more to have more answers.

Perhaps I should contemplate what I love and watch it multiply.

What if my destiny and true calling lies within?

What if my perfect route can be easily seen?

What if when I see it The Universe is with me?

And what if what I need magically shows up?

If it has happened before, I know God is with me.

Why would I look for anything else?

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Truly At One

Stop worrying about what you can have and what you can get

What you can maintain and can uphold

How you will be looked at along the way

Am I good enough? and Am I there yet?

When you are afraid ask What can I give?

Think about the Universe and how to be intouch

Let go of the image of how you are to be seen

To move into the place where you truly belong

Find comfort in the teachings and let them live though you

Life can be a struggle when you don’t understand

There is a peace that is to be found

Each time it its found you are truly at one

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Reminder (You can never get spiritual by denying yourself the things of this world.)


any times people think that in order to be spiritual they have to deny themselves of certain things that they are wanting in life.  Many times we find ourselves trying to run away from the world and avoid the things that we secretly desire.  When I met my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, I was only 21 years old.  One of the things he stressed was not to deny myself the things I was thinking about, and not to deny myself of my desires.  That set pretty well with me because I had many desires.  He explained, how we could not rush our way into spirituality.  It’s a long, long road to home, and it won’t help to rush our way there, by trying to hold back so to speak.  He also said even if you need a million dollars, go out and get it.  Just make sure you keep up your meditations.  I understood this because I knew as long as I kept up my meditations I would still be growing and my desires would be changing on a count of my focus.  I had already begun to have that experience.  So I knew that was true.  He would also tell me this story to keep this in mind at times when I might be starting to deny myself of certain desires.

Story about the monk


here were two monks out begging for food for the monastery.  One day one of the young monks said to the other monk, “Why are we out here begging for food for these old guys?  If I’m going to beg for anything, I’m going to beg for myself.”  The other monk said, “No, we have to do this.”  The first said, “No, no!  I’m going to go on my own.”  The young monk left the monastery.  When he left the monastery and went out on his own, the first person he met was a prostitute.  She was beautiful and he liked what he saw.  When he met her, he told her “Teach me the ways of the world.”  She looked at him with his shabby clothes and his long beard, and replied, “All my guys wear English cut suits.  Get away from here.  Go on.”  He respectfully nodded his head and went on about his business.  Later when he came back, he was so sharp she didn’t even recognize him.  He asked her again, “Teach me the ways of the world?”  This time she agreed.  Over the next several weeks she taught him how to gamble, how to play pool, all the ways of the world; all the exciting things he had been thinking about.  Throughout that process they ended up falling in love.  They got married.  He eventually got his fill of the world.  He had gotten his chance to get out and do all the things he had been thinking about.  At this point he goes back to the monastery.  When he goes back, he’s ready for that life, because he had experienced all the things of the world.  He experienced all those things that were in his head, haunting him.  He actually had to get away intially.


That’s how it is with us.  If we have any desires that we are secretly harboring, and we’re not living then out, the feeling will intensify. We don’t have to be wild about it, but we must fulfill our needs.  If we don’t, they will come out in a big unnatural way.  It will be far worse than if we would have gone ahead and lived out our desires.  In addition to this, when you sit down to meditate, if you have these desires on your mind, that’s what’s going to appear in your mind in meditation.  Instead of meditating on what you should be meditating on, you’ll be meditating on Kal, meditating on the things of the world.  Your mind will be focusing on those things when it should be centered on the spirit within.  It still won’t do you any good.

So of course the moral of the story is, you cannot deny yourself the things of the world.  We absolutely cannot get spiritual by doing that.  What we should do is go ahead, get the experience – both the bad and good from it, learn the lesson that goes along with it and continue to meditation often.  If we continue to meditations deeply, we’re less attached as we live out our desires.  We’re able to catch the lessons quicker. 

from Wise Words by Craig Kimbrough

Positive Guru Blog

Today’s Positive Thought and Poetry (Perhaps I am ready)

What is my next move?
Where do I go from here?
Where will I be most happy?

What does my destiny look like?
Where do you you want me to go?
Please talk to me and show me the way?

Can you show me in a dream?
Can you show me right now?
However you give it to me, I will be glad to receive it.

I will let go of my own thoughts,
let go of my own ideas.
I just need you to show me the way

I just want to be truly in touch.
I want to feel it at all times
I want to be at one

I want to be back in my place
I want to share the light,
give the light, be the light

This is what I want my life to be about
This is how I want to spend my days.
I let go of all else.
Perhaps I am ready

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Poetry (Something you want to have happen)

You have something
you want to see happen

The question is
can you simply allow it to come into being?

Simply allowing your dream to come true
is not giving up on your dream

It is truly the fastest way
to see it come about

When you learn to dance with the universe
you see how what you want most is trying to come your way

when you see it trying to come your way
you learn to be still and look for the signs

changing your mind and following the signs
is an incredible secret

it’s like deciding to stop driving in circles
and allowing GPS to show you the way

if you can be still and listen
your next step looks like a wonderful dance

it appears graceful and quite beautiful
full of incredible steps

But we know it started
with you learning to be open

learning to approach life
in a brand new way

asking what is my next move
and then letting the answers show up in your world

in the meantime the watchers by are amazed
and so are you

you just pulled off
the impossible

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Poetry and Question (Are you going to pay attention?)

If you pay attention to the signs
there will be no question where to go

If you choose to be open
magical signs will simply just appear

When the signs come
know that this is your route through Heaven

If you choose to follow
you will have an adventure beyond your wildest dreams

The question is are you ready
for a real adventure?

The question is are you ready
to truly be alive?

No need to answer
the answer is in your next move

If you don’t know what to do
ask the Universe “what do I do now?”

If you have truly asked
more signs are sure to come?

When the signs come again
what are you going to do?

Are you going to pay attention
or miss out on your new adventure?

The time is now, what is your next move?

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Poetry (On letting go and winning the game)

Clouds over IL-RT50
Clouds over IL-RT50 (Photo credit: richardcox8592)

“How do you let go of the results while going after what you want?

They say this is a secret to many good things”

“Letting go of what happens next is the key to freedom

and what makes everything you want magically arrive

First you must realize that the goal is to act

To act in the light of what the Universe tells you

Next we must be open in order to hear

If your mind is not open you will miss the instructions

When you get your instructions your mission is to act

To do what you are told is being at one

If you are at one your mission is complete

Regardless of what happens you are winning the game”

Craig Kimbrough

Today’s thought and poetry (Needing no thing from no one)

view from the city walls
view from the city walls (Photo credit: hugovk)

English: The author of this image is me, David...

English: Stink Cove. The interestingly named S...
English: Stink Cove. The interestingly named Stink Cove and Splatcove point near Salcombe bar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Needing no thing from no one,

and trusting that the Universe will provide,

I can enjoy my trip around the world

How can I have a care in the world

when the Universe gives me everything I need?

When you don’t need anything from anyone

you understand that the whole world is at your disposal

With the entire world at your disposal,

whatever you need just shows  up

Understanding this, it is a good idea  to  go within

Going within is a secret to letting go,

and having everything magically show up

Craig Kimbrough

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