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One of my favorite actors is Nicholas Cage. That’s because no matter what role he plays, he plays it extremely well. Whether he’s playing in Adaptation or playing in a movie like Face Off, where he acted so well, he can go from one character to another. With each one, he’s totally into the part. But of course, after that he goes home, and he’s ready for the next role.

In our lives we have to play our role to its best. The less we are attached to various people and situations, and the more hidden realities we discover within ourselves, the more we are able to function and play our roles to the fullest, and actually even change our role. You can say, “Hey! I want a new part.” Even in this life right now we can do that by simply changing our way of thinking and leaning into the lessons coming our way. If we choose to learn our lessons through the experiences we have, we start to see a totally different set of circumstances coming our way.

From the book What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere by Craig Kimbrough
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Today’s Positive Thought (We can move beyond our problems into our mystical state of being)

uite often life’s tough problems are going to shake us up. It happens to the best of us. Even Jesus when he was on the cross he cried, “Father, father, why has thou forsaken me?” At first he was looking at his situation from a material standpoint, thinking, “I’ve done all this good for all these people, and now look at how I’m being treated. I don’t understand this. God where are you? Why are you allowing this to happen?” Then the story says, he reflected and said, “Thy will be done.” He realized that this is something that was meant to happen. This comes with the territory. This is what happens when you shake up the establishment in the ways in which he did at that time. When he remembered, he went back into mystical consciousness and was above the entire situation. He even began to comfort the man next to him on the cross. We saw a similar situation with Dr. Martin Luther King when he said, “I might not get there with you, but that’s alright because I have seen the Promised Land.”

Note Jesus also said “these things I do you can do and greater.” No matter what your cross may be, when you reflect and remember that God and the entire Universe is with you, and all is in perfect order, you can also move into your mystical state and be above the entire situation while you do whatever it is that you must do.

From the book Wise Words
by Craig Kimbrough and MeditativeZone

Today’s Positive Poetry (Some say that life is a mystery)

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I say look for magic everywhere you go

If you continue to look it is bound to show up

Look for the lesson and listen to the holy sound

These are two secrets to walking through Heaven

Do you know that what you think about magically shows up?

When you really get this, your whole world changes


Some say that life is a mystery

I say do what you love and be true to yourself

Embrace this moment and let it be an adventure

Be open and ready and a teacher shows up

Ask the Universe questions and get signs from Heaven

Meditate and let go and what happens will amaze you


Craig Kimbrough

Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy! again)

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This morning I woke up thinking about my gutter cleaning and window cleaning business.  Over the last couple yeas I have added more services for our customers and it is obvious that if we keep moving forward in the same manner this year, we will not be able to handle all the business coming our way.  This presents a question for me.  How am I going to proceed further?    Will we slow down on providing the additional services and concentrate more on what has been the primary business? Or do we add more trucks and expand?

I decided I would open up my book Wise Words and expect the answer to be on the page I opened up to.  The page was titled “It’s Gonna Be Easy!”  As soon as I read the title of this page I felt so good.  Those words contain great history for me.

Often when I had some challenging situation before me my teacher Mr. Ambrister would tell me how wonderfully it was going to work out, even when it looked like there was no way it would.  Then he would say and Craig, It’s gonna be easy!  We would both bust out laughing, because there was no answer in sight.   He meant that I need to meditate and be open, and God will lead me and magically fix it all.  This proved to always be the case.  When I step up my meditations and my attention the deeper side of life things magically come together.

As I thought back on this I became very excited thinking about all the times my teacher was right about this, and how easy my life has been whenever I got centered.  I knew right away that my answer about my next business move will come and the situation will be perfectly handled.  All I have to do is focus more on my meditation teachings and the magic and beauty of the Universe.   And then,  it’s gonna be easy!

Think about whatever challenges you have going on in your life.  Then forget about the challenge and just get caught up in your spirituality, and signs that come your way.  If you can truly do this guess what?  It’s Gonna Be Easy!

A Question, A Dream, An Answer, A Challenge

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I kept finding myself in the same place with the same people over and over.  Each time I was extremely happy and felt so good that my breathing itself was pure bliss.  The interesting thing is that in this dream I was just living normal life doing normal things, but the feeling I was getting each time I showed up was so good I found myself consciously deciding to go back to the dream over and over again to have that feeling one more time.

When I woke up I was feeling so good and so happy I began to ask myself, “What was that all about?” Then as if by some magic knowing, the answer popped right into my mind.  Earlier, just the evening before I had asked a question.  The question was “What would my life be like if i stepped up my meditations.  Is it possible to transform my whole life, just by meditating more?”  of course, I already had the answer to this question.  I have seen my life changed on account of meditation time and time again.  But sometimes we forget, we remember, but in our soul we don’t feel it at the moment.  These are the times we need a new experience to jump-start us once again.  As I laid there, thinking about my dream, I realized this dream was my incredible answer. Yes stepping up my meditation will totally transform my life.  I was actually placed in a world where I was having that experience. In my dream I was the same person doing the same things but life was totally different and the feeling I had about my life was incredible.  It was like the ghost of Christmas future, but this was a positive wonderful future showing me what it would be like if I did what I was asking the night before.  I was being told that this is how your life can be and by golly I felt it.

Now if you know me, you already know my life is great just the way it is.  But life is about growth and change and we are always being challenged to grow more, to live more, on higher, more positive and spiritual levels.  If we are open to what is trying to come our way, we will make the change and experience what comes along with it.  Me asking the question was me being open.   The dream was my  answer and my challenge.  If I think back on it often and remain motivated to put it to the test I will naturally move onto the next level.

Thank you for reading,

Craig Kimbrough

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