On playing your role

One of my favorite actors is Nicholas Cage. That’s because no matter what role he plays, he plays it extremely well. Whether he’s playing in Adaptation or playing in a […]

Today’s Positive Thought (We can move beyond our problems into our mystical state of being)

Q uite often life’s tough problems are going to shake us up. It happens to the best of us. Even Jesus when he was on the cross he cried, “Father, […]

Today’s Positive Poetry (Some say that life is a mystery)

I say look for magic everywhere you go If you continue to look it is bound to show up Look for the lesson and listen to the holy sound These […]

Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy! again)

This morning I woke up thinking about my gutter cleaning and window cleaning business.  Over the last couple yeas I have added more services for our customers and it is […]

A Question, A Dream, An Answer, A Challenge

I kept finding myself in the same place with the same people over and over.  Each time I was extremely happy and felt so good that my breathing itself was […]