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This forum is for sharing your positive experiences with the positive guru movements The wristband challenge and with the, 30 Days Challenge (for metaphysics and miracles in your life .  Please feel free to share your experiences.  Peace and Blessings.

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  1. My experience was from the book 30 Days of Metaphysics and Miracles in your life. I was somewhat upset by an experience in my world. And I wanted to figure out if I was at fault in the situation at hand. I began to backtrack in my mind the events and situation. In the meantime my girlfriend saw I was upset and wanted and was trying to help, but it was not working. My trying to figure things out kept me in a worried state. I decided to read a page from the book 30 Days. The page I opened up to read I Am Still Here But My Heart Is Elsewhere. I read the statement and the accompanying page. I was reminded to keep my mind on God and Heaven and I decided to repeat the Aum mantra. I began to feel good immeadiately and I knew it was on account of placing my heart on the higher thought and off of the passing scence which was my problem. I even knew that this was key to dealing with such experiences in the future.

    In the midst of starting to feel good I decided to go back to figuring out my problem and stop chanting the mantra. I became agitated again and my girlfriend became upset that I was upset and we eventually had an argument. After making up, I was reminded that I was feeling good right after reading my page and applying it earlier. I was also reminded that when I stopped applying what was on the page and stopped chanting my mantra and letting go of the problem more problems came in the form of an argument that would not have happenend if I kept chanting and letting go, and didn’t choose to start placing my heart and attention on my problem.

    After realizing this I put the page back into practice and all was well once again.

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