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Positive Guru is the perfect place for observing, expressing and learning more about positivity and meditation, and ultimately living a life of your dreams. We also invite you to join in on the movement of sharing your positivity with others and becoming a positive guru.

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On Meditation

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Meditation is focus.  We are constantly focusing on one thing or another.  We can’t help it.  It is the nature of our mind.  This means whether we realize it or not, we are always meditating.  Our focus and our thoughts also determine our reality.  Our present world and everything in it is a result of our focus or our meditations.  When we say we want to learn how to meditate, we are actually saying we want to learn how to meditate in way that produces better results. These better results that we are looking for may be better health, greater success, a more relaxed harmonious life, or a deeper spiritual connection.  All of these things can be experienced, by simply shifting our focus.

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About Positive Guru

Origin PositiveGuru.Com

One day Positive Guru™ founder, Craig Kimbrough, was sitting in traffic and saw a Volkswagen Beetle.  It had a save the world type bumper sticker on it, and in his mind the car and the sticker symbolized expressing peace, love, and positivity.  He thought to himself the world needs more positive expression.  People need to see more positivity, and express more positivity.  If they did, the whole world would change simply from a shift in thinking.  In his  mind still in that instant while sitting in traffic just for a moment, he could see it. At the time, Craig was already teaching meditation, with a movement dedicated to helping people learn how to meditate and connect with their soul and spirit.

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The Positive Guru Center

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The Positive Guru Meditation Center is located at 27908 Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills Michigan, USA., just north of 12 mile road, next to Arby’s.  It is the headquarters for Craig Kimbrough and PositiveGuru.Com

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Blog Posts

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