Free Meditation Videos

Free Meditation Videos Start with The Highest Form Of Meditation, which explains the type of meditation Craig Teaches and why it is considered to be the highest form.


The second recommended video is How To Meditate (with the highest form of meditation), where Craig walks us through the meditation process using his Highest Form of Meditation method.

7 thoughts on “Free Meditation Videos

  1. Hi Craig.
    I came across you on YouTube and decided to check out your website. I liked what I saw and have bought the Foundation Series.
    Thought I’d have a listen to your Highest Form of Meditation and How to Meditate.
    Also The More You Understand This Path. I might come back….depends how I get on.
    Thanks for the downloads.
    Regards, Bob.

  2. Hello Craig,
    Thank you so much for the downloads. For years I have wanted clarification on how to meditate and now my wish has been granted. Thank you. What a wonderful journey.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hey Craig,

    I am having some difficulties with my telus email account, so I have sent you my gmail account.

    I am not sure what the issue is, that I had an underscore in that email and you never use those, or

    That my account was hijacked recently.


    Karen Kozak

    p.s., I am finally getting some potential work subcontracting to face paint and do creative work.
    I don’t understand why it took so long, because I know that this is God’s Will for me, especially the
    decorating and celebrating of people.

  4. I don’t know where the heck i would be without you Craig, thanks for keeping it so real, and not being a sidetrack. You are the best teacher on the planet, I have sidetracked around with far too many, only to be brought to my knees thanking God you I have not been sidetracked by you, back to listening to the inner sound you teach free that runs through everything, it is a gps to God, we only need to listen. You are the only “guru” I have ever met that speaks of the inner sound and inner light, and freely gives it to us, no middle man is needed, but I do need your direction. “God is Govinda”. I get it now. Thanks teacher. I wish others knew how great you are. Thanks for not caring about the numbers and fame of being the best. It makes you “my man”.

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