Learn how to Meditate, if you choose.

Learn Positive meditative techniques for addressing life situations.

Learn how to flow with what is happening and how to make the most out of what is going on.

Learn how to connect with your deeper mind to find answers and direction for the situation at hand.

Have one on one phone sessions with Craig Kimbrough to help you on your enlightenment journey.

Enlightenment is a journey not a one time discovery.

Enlightenment is an opening and awakening of the mind, a discovering of a new way of looking at and understanding situations.

The path of enlightenment is the path of Heaven here and now.  It is a spiritual path of moving into where the your higher self and the Universe is already trying to take you.  It is the path of working with natural ways and laws of the the Universe and becoming connected with your higher self for optimum living.

Every challenging situation is a chance and invitation to move into enlightenment, and the place of our greatest peace and happiness, if we are willing to move into it.

Choose between one half hour and one hour sessions.


To find out more contact Craig Kimbrough for a consultation, to see if enlightenment coaching with Craig Kimbrough will be a fit for you.  Send an email to with Enlightenment Coaching in the subject line.