Today’s Positive Thought (As we move further along we know what to do when and what comes first, second, third, and fourth in each situation)

As we meditate more and move further along the path, we know what to do when and what comes first, second, third,

When Tomorrow Becomes Today All Your Dreams Come True

The other day I found myself listening a song that I love, called Maybe Tomorrow, by Stereophonics.  I played it over and

Today’s Positive Thought and Reminder (work from the mystical state or your deeper mind and allow the answers to come)

If you have something on your mind that needs working out, try to work from the mystical state.  Rather than trying to

Being Notified From An All Knowing Place

A friend of mine told me a story about an experience she had that she thought would probably sound weird to me.

Groundhog Day (Movie Interpretation) For Spiritual Holiday

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies. People everywhere seem to love this film, whether they consciously notice its deeper messages

Remember The Great Sages Are Very Careful Of What They Say Because They Know That Everything They Say Comes True

Recently I was talking to someone giving some advice.  The advice was about being true to yourself and what you like, when

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