Remember The Incredible, Sounds Like A Plan. (from Craig’s Journal)

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Last night I had a dream where I was experiencing the fulfillment of aspirations I have not yet fully achieved in my life, and at times have even wondered if were possible. This dream was truly wonderful, and the feeling I had was unbelievably good. When I awakened from this wonderful dream, I opened up to a passage that read “God is nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing.”

Upon reading the passage I was reminded that the same God within me that created that dream can do the same thing in my waking dream, this life. I also reflected on many wonderful things that have showed up in my world, that initially looked impossible, and yet here they are. Quite often I did not even have to figure out how these things would happen, either they just did or ideas and information just showed up to help them come about. This is how it was in the dream. The situation was just there as if by magic.

I also remembered asking myself if such things were possible, prior to having my dream. The dream along with my reflections afterwards felt like an answer to that question. Not only did the dream feel like it was my answer, it was also a reminder of how whatever we think about most shows up in dreams and in life. This is something we must remember. If you want something to happen, think about it. Talk about it. Read about it. Do what you have to in order to expect it, and let go of needing it to happen. The results can be quite amazing.

Taking all of this into consideration, my task for today is to remind myself of incredible, even miraculous things that have happened in the past and trust that more are on their way. Sounds like a plan.

Craig Kimbrough for Positive Guru Blog

Is It Time To Stop Watching?

I was a part of a criminal organization.  One of the Mob bosses had just gotten out of prison and was telling me that he knew someone had evidence on him.  It turned out that whoever it was left some personal information behind.  I knew that it was my daughter who had the evidence, whether she knew it or not. I also knew that the organization would want to kill her.  I kept thinking about ways of stopping oncoming danger headed her way.  I also kept thinking “how could I have gotten her in so much danger?”  The company I kept and the life I led was now affecting her.  I kept running possible solutions through my mind in a half sleep, half awakened state.  When I did wake up I looked at the clock.   It was about 5:30 am.  Time to get up write meditate and reflect.  I decided to chant my mantra and go back into the dream.  I had a need to fix the situation.

I knew in the back of my mind that it did not make sense to go back to this unpleasant dream.  I had escaped it, and all was well back here in my waking state.  But for some reason I felt the need to go back.  I also had another need to fulfill.  I needed to get up meditate write and reflect and get clarification on this dream.  I decided to get up.  I kept thinking “why is clarification so important to me?”  Most of the meditation masters of old say don’t pay too much attention to dreams because they are not nearly as clear as visions in meditations. Still, I kept thinking about the feeling of not being able to protect my daughter in the other realm.  I even felt like on some level I was leaving things undone.  I was still even thinking of possible solutions and then it dawned on me, I could say it was me and take the consequences even if it meant death for me.  Then I realized this is what my favorite character on one of my shows is going through, possibly sacrificing himself to protect his kid.  He also just happens to be part of a criminal organization.  I realize once again this T.V. show is not only affecting my emotions but also entering my dreams.  Now I begin to wonder again “is it time to stop watching?” For years I have known that for whatever reason I not only identify with this character but I soon start to have similar situations show up in my life just like on the show, either in waking life or in dream.  Then again all my research and experiences dealing with dreams tell me that this life I am living right now is somewhat of a dream also and the dreams emotions and experiences of one realm seem to overlap and become part of the dreams emotions and experiences of the other.

PS.  It’s a funny thing just as I finished writing I heard a line from the movie Robots playing in the other room.  The robot said “I am not a mugger.”  As I heard it I could barely feel my body and my breathing became imperceptible.  My son Jordan has been saying that line over and over for months “I am not a mugger!”  My wife and I could not figure out where it came from and why he was saying it.  Now I know.  When I heard it on the show just now it was if God was saying “see how these shows stay with us.”

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