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Positive Guru Monday ( A Shift In Thinking For Kelly In The Realm of Giving. Do You Have A Positive Act or Shift in Thought to Share? )

The other day Kelly gave $10.00 to a man on the street asking for money.  She said “I just gave him the money and let go.  I did not judge him or wonder what he was going to do with the money.  I just chose to believe it was going to help […]

The Trailblazers

We see a trailblazer and say “That is me.” We see a life lived that speaks to our heart. We are being told “This is who I am. I am meant to live in such a way too.” Do not discount the wise inner compass. Sometimes we don’t realize we found our […]

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You Are Him Whom You Seek (The Next 30 Days)

One day I was telling my teacher about several dreamlike meditations I had back to back. In each one I was a different person living in different a country. In one experience I was teaching meditation at a college. In another I owned a bookstore in an Asian nation. In another, I […]

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I Will Be With You Until The End Of The Earth (The Next 30 Days)

In time, the sincere student learns that by following the instructions of the teacher and meditating often, a true bond is formed. The teacher will show up in thought, dream and meditation to help the student both in life and along the meditation path. This experience and bond further teaches the student […]

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A Wonderful Ashram On The Inner Planes (Today’s Poetry)

I have a wonderful Ashram on the inner planes t sits on a hill and is shined on by the sun. It stretches many miles like an ocean filled with wonderful souls. It is where I live, where I share, where I grow in the light. It is a home to many; […]

As I Wake Up I Enthusiastically Choose New Life, While I Lay There With Two Broken Ankles And A Stuggle to Keep My Business Going. (From Craig’s Journal)

February 3, 2022 by Craig Kimbrough Positive Guru I had just woke up from my dream excited, as I lay there not yet able to walk again, but looking forward to walking in the near future. I lay there happy and enthused about my businesses and life, even though I was struggling to keep […]


It’s Time (Today’s Poetry)

It’s time for a new year. It’s time for a new start. It’s time for a new me. Its time for a new you. Time to go where we belong. Time to truly sing our song. Time to be and live strong. Our time has been waiting all along. Time to go […]

Looking For The Perfect Place (Today’s Poetry)

We are always looking for the perfect place. When so many times we are already there. A truth we must remember we are in the perfect place. If embrace where we are, live life and enjoy. When I started teaching I had 5 students. Little did I know I had changed 5 […]

Back To The Future, The New Golden Age (Today’s Poetry)

Do you remember the Golden Age? Believe it or not I remember it well. At times I wonder “How did I get there?” As I think back I got lost in the beauty. Perhaps beauty is not the right word. Lost in the magic of what’s behind the veil. Lost in the […]