Latest Question For Craig…( “I have someone in my world I do not trust, What do I do?”)

Question:  I have someone in my world who I do not trust.  I am convinced more and more daily that they are trying to make moves against me.  Getting them out of my circle may be delicate because of how close they are and the harm that they may possibly cause to people I care for.  What do I do?

Craig’s Answer: I once had someone in my life similar to what you are describing.  They were being somewhat sneaky, pretending to by my friend but really trying to do things that would be potentially harmful to what I was responsible for  behind my back.  I meditated more and asked God and The Universe to take care of it.  To my surprise, within a super short period of time their world became rather challenging, and they were so preocupied with what was going on they could not even focus on the things they were working on that threatened my situation.  All was taken care of by God and the Universe.

Situations like this have happened at various times over the years with similar results.  Sometimes the Universe would totally handle the problem and other times I would be guided to act and see miraculous results. Sometimes the other party would completely change how they were acting.  Each time it was rather peaceful. I say step up your meditations and connection to your spirit and then trust in more guidance and protection.

Peacer anf Blessings

Craig Kimbrough Positive Gur

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