woman meditating on rock

The Universe has blessed me with so many things.

I have a beautiful fiancé, wonderful kids, family and friends.

I have a meditation family, a great home, a new truck.

I have business that serves many and takes care of me and mine.

I have my meditation, music, interests I love.

I’ve had wonderful times and a great childhood I would never trade.

I have had more miracles than I can count, I am so truly blessed.

I have my health, and second chances, How lucky am I?

I have a wonderful Ashram on the inner planes.

It sits on a hill and is shined on by the sun.

It stretches many miles like an ocean filled with wonderful souls.

It is where I live, where I share, where I grow in the light.

It is a home to many; in a region I can’t describe.

I have seen it in dream and travels within.

I have been told it is my ministry, I must take wherever I go.

Sometimes I forget just how great it is.

When I think of it I am reminded all is good right now.

When I am there, I see my teacher and all I have been taught.

When away I must remember I have so much to share.

We are light, we are one, we are peace we are love.

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