You can control this with the Light (The Next 30 Days)

clouds and blue sky
clouds and blue sky
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I was talking to my teacher about a tough situation I was experiencing with my wife at the time. I felt like she was being quite difficult and some of her actions did not work for us in terms of our being married. He responded by saying that I could control this with the Nam. (Nam, meaning om vibration, sound and light.) I knew he was saying that God would mold both her and myself in such a way that the situation would be magically taken care of if I stepped up my meditations. I got it intellectually, but at the same time, I wondered if it was true. Honestly during that paticular marriage, I don’t think I stepped up my meditations enough to experience what he was talking about, but the conversation always remained in my mind.

Years later I had a meeting with someone who from all my experience I knew was going to be quite difficult. She had already stated her position and it was totally against what I thought was best for all parties. In the meatime, I had been stepping up my spiritual way of life in the previous weeks meditating more, repeating my mantra more, and flooding my mind with the spiritual, by way of movies and uplifting material. I was doing this for what seemed to be unrelated reasons. The day of the meeting, I was early so I meditated in my truck. To my surpise the person I had the meeting with changed her position totally, saying “whatever you think is best” in the most peaceful way, and all worked out wonderfully. It reminded me of how other times during periods of high spirituality, the people in my world would miraculously change their position or ways of acting and being, to fit in just the right way that was needed at the time.

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